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Its best to avoid the ("conscious/lecturer/debater") industry.
Most ordinary "Black" people will acknowledge they are "African".
The ordinary Black person is open to if not looking for a specific nationality, set of customs to identify with along with their own government structure organize under.

The missing ingredient to really get LIN rolling is creating Nationalities.
How do we do that? The UNIA and NOI provide models of organizing African Diaspora.

We can achieve LIN by creating an umbrella nationality by writing constitutions with by-laws. An umbrella Nationality with different sub-nations all operating under interconnected sets of laws. 
If organizations such as BAIO can go about this business of "generating nationalities and sub-nationalities" they will naturally seek out land and infrastructure to build upon their new African centered nationality.

Here's my example.

1. BAIO reformats to the nationality "Bakala Nation" its own governing body, constitution and by-laws. They are now a Provisional Government 
2. BaKala Nation start handing out charters to groups, families, organizations to become sub-nations or "sub-divisions". 
3. Charter 1 - Becomes recognized as Kwezi Nation and people in the neighborhood can join, learn standards, mission, earn positions and titles and jobs, pool resources.
4. Charter 2 - Becomes recognized as Washil Nation....
5. Rinse and repeat.
6. At a certain timed date people begin moving and building land and infrastructure, at the same time Charters are still being handed out and the diaspora nationalities are growing.

This will be smoother if an official language was adopted, and charter "tribes" all matched one language. Also an intercontinental translation and language industry would be created.

This is the missing ingredient in a LIN movement. I propose, the N should be changed to "nationality" (a national identity) because that is really what's going to get African diaspora moving toward land (statehood) and infrastructure.

So lets discuss this theory.
Theory: Organizing Brand New (African Based) Nationalities will Motivate, organize and Drive people towards developing Land, Statehood and Infrastructure in Africa.

This is a theory, and up for debate. It would look like Marcus Garvey's UNIA but the UNIA would instead be a "Nation" or "Tribe" and its branches no matter how small or big would be "sub-tribes" and "sub-nations." The constitution and by laws would be oriented towards LIN.

If anyone has the ability, time and resources, lets test the theory and see where it takes us. I really want to see this discussed and ultimately, put to the test.

Otu Obi (one mind, peace)

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