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Hello ladies and gentlemen.This is Dwayne Makala aka Kalagenesis,and I want to take the time to tell you how honored we are that you chose to join us.Nationhood as our dream goal and vision requires only one thing.BLACK PEOPLE.This is the only movement that does not require endless validation from White America.It does not require some new law in America.It only requires will desire and determination of our people.With that being said,I will go even further.I doesn't even require large number of Black folks.It only requires serious dedicated people who will step up to leadership positions and do without being told.Taking initiative yourself.You know what a Nation state will require so organize do your research.Find out things and share them with the group.

We are moving to make this a reality.What will make this a smooth success is by building a BAIO Pipeline of skilled,connected,educated,innovative,creative and thoughtful people.Africa needs Scientists,Agriculturalist,Industrialist,Traders,import export,Logistics,Doctors,architects,engineers.A Pipeline will be a nationwide and global database of names listing people's professions.It will also use analytics metrics and establish benchmarks to push people into fields the host nation of the Afrikstan needs.This Pipeline cannot happen until we get the official greenlight to build this state.Then we can go to Black colleges,schools,businesses churches mosque and post what the Pipeline needs.This will eliminate people wasting time in un necessary course,and make us competitive with the Chinese and others in building Africa.

If anyone has ideas on how to build such a pipeline or are there programs and software please let us know.

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