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  • You hardly see chinese roaming around here but you will see products from china all over. basically anything you touch, it's made from china.

    That's how china has dominated the region.

  • Where are these photos you are talking about?

    If travel expenditure for Black American is $63billion and Rwanda GDP is $9billion. What I would suggest for Black American is to identify Ideas and business concepts with African back in motherland and help scale them up.

    Setting up a private equity firm here and around Africa where we can accessing financing can realy help both the BAIO and African population.

    • Not trying to be paranoid, but I am a realist. Nothing in this life worth attaining is ever going to be easy. In this article posted below, the comments made about Rwanda and several other Afrikan nations emphasizes the overall importance of this particular trip, as well as the results of any future plans.

      The reason for posting this article is to exemplify how others view the future of the Continent and its prospective interactions with the rest of the world, both negative and positive.

      I hope that you find it as insightful as I did, as well as take certain comments with a grain of a salt.

      The Biggest Migration Since The Barbarian Invasions Of Rome (Is Not Where You Think)
      "Rich Chinese are smart to diversify to developed Western countries. Poor Chinese go to backward countries to try to become wealthy. Africa is the pr…
  • Need to go back and Re listen

  • Listening tomorrow¬†

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