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    Interviewing techniques: 10 mistakes experienced interviewers avoid
    Great interviewers use effective interviewing techniques and avoid mistakes that cloud their judgement and undermine their hiring decisions.
    • Let's go BAIO Pennsylvania!!! 2020 is ours!!!
  • Peace to the brothers & sisters in the Pennsylvania chapter BAIO
  • Happy New year to the group, Hope everyone is good
  • Has anyone been to the continent? And does anyone want to do a meeting for the Philly Chapter?
    • What's good trying to get people together for a meetup
  • IN ONLY 20 YEARS....
    Sri Lanka is building a $15 billion metropolis meant to rival cities like Hong Kong and Dubai
    Sri Lanka is building a major new development meant to stimulate its war-torn economy thanks to a $1.4 billion Chinese investment. But the project is…
    • Yes with today’s technology turn key smart city’s and states can be built and be profitable in a few years.This idea that we can’t build a city State is a lie by lazy cowards
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    • Yes sure is good Brother, much respect
  • Good morning PA Chapter, greetings to all
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