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Instead of continuing to export the distractive and deviantly destructive popular cultures of gang violence, drugs, and sexual immorality [with emphasis on LBGT], let us now intensify the export of Knowledge in Entrepreneurial and Managerial Best Practices, Technology, as well as transition from the distortions of white imperialist bias in narratives on African History and even on present day Continental African perspectives.

While in a group discussion with a young Namibian in an "African Union Youth" group chat concerning the recent Celebration of Namibia's Independence, he expressed this view provided below:

"I am speaking on behalf of others, same time accepting your opinions. Things were much better in many different sections in our country during pre-Independence..."

How or what determinants enforces his perspective, I have no idea, considering he wasn't born then and never lived through the era of Namibia's pre independence.

However, I had to explain to him and fellow group members in my response provided below:

"Until the ignorance and lack of contextual perspective [in terms of differences between varying situational and circumstantial factors] as expressed in comments like this can go away, we Africans cannot once more become the governors and advisors to westerners as we once were in ancient times, though such accomplishment mustn't be the goal of our renaissance in global constituent Pan African consciousness.

Note: Contrary to white supremacists myths and propaganda for the purpose of brainwashing/miseducation of Africans, we are actually far more civilized than westerners for the simple fact that while ancient Africans were international rulers we never human trafficked and enslaved whites and other races into forced labor and racial injustice.

Infrastructure development and technological advancement are neither the most essential elements nor evidence of civilization.

We must not underestimate and undervalue virtuous attributes such as respect for the rule of law and order, and rightful divine perspective on having and safe guarding natural affections in society [Can the cultures of constitutionally promoting and institutionalizing unnatural practices such as LBGT be considered civilized when Yahweh God literally burned Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes for the pursuit of same unnatural affections?].

It is time for we Africans to snap out of the brainwashing and miseducation and know in belief by divine understanding that whites and westerners are not and will never be Yahweh God to any.

It is time for us to believe God and believe in God alone as the only sovereignty in all the universe. It is time for us to trust no man, but God.

Imagine the level of thorough, if not nearly irreversible brainwashing, miseducation, and misrepresentation that it takes for a young African mind to become interested in celebrating the perpetuators of such uncivilized human trafficking, slavery, rape, murder, forced and inhumane labor, and all manners of criminality void of any respect for the fundamental human rights of Africans. Can you all imagine?

Note: White imperialist racism is not based on mere emotional or psychological sentiment, but is furthermore a thoroughly structured and sufficiently financed global system that seeks to have a long lasting negative and repressively controlling impact upon Blacks and Africans, and other "so called" minority ethnicities in the world, for continued global dominance and control by white supremacists.

I say "so called" minority ethnicities, because technically, those ethnicities when combined with Blacks or Africans comprise over 90% of the world's population. Making the Caucasian or white supremacists Constituency a mere under 10% of the global population.

The question is how can 90% continue to allow the 10% to brainwash and manipulate a majority of the 90% by mere misinformation, miseducation, and misrepresentation.

Note: The most potent tool, if not weapons of mass destruction in this struggle are not nuclear weapons, but mass communication, multimedia technology, and educational institutions as potent propaganda machinery.

We Africans need to wake up more conscious then before with each new day of the opportunity of life.

Such conversation must continue, inbox me if interested in organizing quarterly and annual seminars and conferences for the continuity of such discussions aiming to arrive at developing more comprehensive strategies and blue prints for African conscious, mental and spiritual revival.

God Bless Our Common Pan Africanism, which is our reasonable collective African Nationalism.

Long Live the envisioned Theocratic Democracy of the Intercontinental Pan African States of Africa, Haiti, and all Afro Caribbean Countries!"

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