What will it take!

After the torrid events in the US over the last 5 weeks, when will African P.O.W.S. in the US realise that enough is enough? How much abuse are they/we still willing to tolerate? It is imprative that we return (In numbers!) back to our African/Alkebulan Fatherland and build our black;

South orea's,






By my estimation, we have 2 - 3 decades to accomplish this! If we wait too long after, it will be too late! At the rate China is buying up land on our continent, they will own it by 2055 - 2060! The terible conclusion is that we could be tenants on our own Fatherland! This MUST NOT happen! Either we will return back to Africa in numbers and remove the SQUATTERS (Arabs, Europeans, Asians!) from our land, remove the traitors that have facilitated the resource rape and exploitation of our Fatherland/Motherland and build a glorious future for ourselves and our progeny.....or we will face extinction by the end of this century!

The global poulation according to the last report compiled in 2015; the global population is expected to reach approx. 9. 8 BILLION by 2050. This will increase to a further 11 - 13 BILLIUON by 2070. What does this mean? The increased populations will lead to an ever increasing consumption of scarce resources, particularly food and water! This is unsustainable. By the end of this century, the natins or ehnic groups that survive will be the nations that have had the foresight and wisdom to make economic, scientific and milotary empowerment a prority!

The nations or ethnic groups that are too stupid, cowardly, pathetic and lazy to make global economic, scientific and military empowerment a priority WILLNOT SURVIVE!!!!! The strong, organised and ruthless will survive the end of the 21st century and make the successful transition to the 22nd century1

Marcus Garvey warned us 110 years ago...ORGANIZE OR PERISH!!!!


Straight Black pride, Straight African Pride.   

Brother Jeff.

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  • The NBJP has now a military force of African Americans to put boots on the African continent.

  • Send this your request to the African Union offices in Washington DC and in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Black Brother! China is not investing and giving out loans for nothing always remembet that. China has taken over the major airp[ort and seaport in Africa which is in Kenya, Tunnels are built in Kenya.

    All of this for China's military plans. Black America must now come to Africa to take over and prepare for the upcoming fight ...

  • Hi Brother Jeff, 

      Yes infrastructure is one of the main things that helps a country to develop and grow economically. There are mega and small scale projects for new cities and smaller projects going on right now in many African countries that hardly gets mentioned in American or Western media. It's just a matter of connecting BAIO to more projects not only in Angola but other countries across Mother Africa.




    I know sometimes when it comes to infrastructure especially in large cities, some Liberians and Nigerians just naming a few countries can get frustrated and wonder why Lagos doesn't look exactly like Dubai (with all the oil weath that Nigeria has) or Monrovia, Liberia's capital city doesn't look futuristic and has a lot of old buildings that needs huge facelifts especially in Central Monrovia. The people are waking up. 

    • Oh yes we will start in Angola in September all countries are on the table 

  • This is why we have the BAIO and we will be a force to be reckoned with 

    • Respect to you my African brother! I am doing my best to spread the BAIO/LIN ethos over here in the UK! Respect to you my brother. Straight Black Pride, Straight African Pride.

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