Why I'm Not In Favor Of Reparation

Reparation will lead to hyperinflation. If the United States government injected trillions into the market, the price of every good and service would increase drastically.

Therefore, The only sincere way reparation can be doled without destabilizing the world economy is through nation-building as Holip has been suggesting.


Then there's the "Who is black" problem; which even, the B.A.I.O has to sort out for citizenship purposes

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  • I guess that we all can be independent thinkers, agreeing to disagree, and still have all come out on top. Yet, I still favor the proposal of ADOS reparations, simply and if not only based upon principle. Bruce Leroy makes a great point in considering the future economic and financial dynamics of this specific issue. But I honestly think that, like with all things of which we are familiar in our shared history, double standards are applied when justice is due to our people. After all, a precedent of reparations given to other ethnic groups (i.e. Native Americans, Japanese internment camp victims, etc.) has already been established. Why single out ADOS as an exception? My personal benchmark is the reneging of Special Field Orders #15 (40 acres & a mule), which could have established a course to possibly avoid today's controversy, in part if not in total. Add on the fact that there have been many other tragic episodes of terrorism, expolitation, mistreatment, and purposeful exclusion experienced by our people that are hardly mentioned, nor will be included in the final package if it is ever rendered. At these crossroads in history, where the prospects of BAIO's LIN Concept, ADOS reparations, and global changes are realistic issues that will either be resolved or acted upon fully, it could benefit the U.S. more than recipients of reparations, especially in certain areas of political, social, and economic redemption. It could as well set new directions for all descendants of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade once and for all. As the late great Dr. John Henrik Clarke has suggested through his most poignant quote: "History is not everything, but it is a starting point. History is a clock that people use to tell their time of day. It is a compass they use to find themselves on the map of human geography. It tells them where they are, but more importantly, what they must be." Without a doubt, BAIO is, in my opinion, a starting point. Its members know what they want for their future, and are knowledgable of the fact that not everyone wants what BAIO has to offer as a practical alternative/option/solution to our shared dilemma. If adherents and supporters of ADOS feel strongly that reparations is key to bettering their lives and fate here in the U.S., I strongly support and respect their choices.

  • Why would an oppressor give you the means to weaken or overthrow their power?.....THEY WOULD'NT

  • Reparations will never happen in America 

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