To all my fellow members of the BAIO:

I made this consensus data a few weeks ago and just completed my conclusions of the results. I would like your critique,input, and thoughts on this matter. If it has already been discussed then disregard but I would like to open up the forum on this and discuss how we can deal with getting the Africans that are African centered Progressives and advocate a focus on STEM mobilized and organized.  I chose the the column of 2.5% from the 2.5%-5% already discussed in videos from the group. I also added a column of .25% to represent a 5% of that 2.5% not from a pessimistic view point but a worst case scenario minimum population involved viewpoint.  Please review and give your thoughts


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  • Thanks Mark.  What I am trying to do and really what i wanted to discuss with you in particular is to really assess these figures that i have found.  This is a source for the United States:  What I am trying to discuss is, while you are exactly right in saying 2.2 million is 5% of our people here in the United States does that mean that mean you are saying that will be the total figure who initally come? or will eventually come?  As you can see, on the chart I put down a column for .25%, which for us in the states come out to around 26,000 people.  We have often talked about the 2.5%-5% as being the nation builders and ones to form the new nation, but when looking around and assessing our "community" as a whole i don't know if i see 2.5%-5%. With all the conscious community residue, lol! and with the group that is pushing the group economics, nation within a nation, and spirit over reality nonsense I just felt the need to do an honest assessment.  I understand that we all know that initially the numbers will be very small, so I just wanted to clarifty that when we say 2.5%-5% do we mean after things have picked up and are set for good that 5% of black Americans will permanently reside in Afrikstan?  Because i started thinking about this and all things that im learning in Forecasting and i wondered who is to say how much we actually pick up.  It could be more than 5% if there is a lot of economic development.  At any rate i wanted to hear what eveyone thought about these figures and also stress the fact that we should plan our cities and our nation based on the expected demand (5,20, 50 years down the road).  

  • im reposting this. i wanted everyone to see this. i also wanted to discuss the 2-5%  figures. I want to open up the floors on that because i wanted us to really assess the numbers. This is very important to our cause i believe because it gives us figures on potential demand ehich i would surmount tells us the need for how much adequate levels of service(infrastructure)

  • As far as population concerned.I feel AA males will be the dominate force.They are the ones most in need and most vulnerable.The word is going out.The problem is while many get into the STEM fields,in actuality,it is not the nationalist.Most Black engineers I have meet run with White and Asians.They will be attracted to the idea of nation building because it is opportunity.When we get a blueprint and the go ahead from the Angolans,they will come because it will be reality.

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      • yeah from what i have found, Afrikstan will potentially be full of former black Americans, Afro-Brazilians, Haitians, Jamaicans, Brits, and African people from France. Imagine all of this potential. The pool of STEM professionals, laborers, doctors, lawyers, educators, historians, architects, administrators, military serviceman, and businessman and women will come from all of these nations and not just the United States.  Since yesterday i reached out to the National Society of Black Engineers and the Black Women of Brazil for example. My hope is to to link with already existing Pan African groups and also form BAIO chapters throughout the diaspora. I remember you saying that our process may take years. Do you still think this holds true? and how can we organize all the people of like minds? Like you said, everyone is not indeed genuine and a lot of people just have to have time to widen their eyes so to speak.

        • Yes anyone in the diaspora who is of Maafa or slave holocaust blood.

    • I completely agree. Yeah being around different circles of people I get that vibe that some of the engineers are like that. My question is for the initial wave of men that go to Angola how do we attract STEM professionals.

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        • It's like a double edge sword type of thing going on. The conscious community, at least from what i have seen(maybe not so) lacks a vast pool of STEM professionals and the STEM professionals, from what I have seen, lack a knowledge of self. I want both groups to have both sets of knowledge.

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