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The BAIO will always love you FOREVER!

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Please shower our sista with a multitude of love on all of her social media because she left a legacy of content and material for us. 

So, lets honor her and let her know her voice, her thoughts, her opinions and her LOVE was not in vain. 


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What is the BAIO About?

BAIO is a Geopolitical organization of Afrikan American and Afrikan 

Diasporan victims, descendants and P.O.W's of the Trans-Atlantic Slave 

Trade scattered throughout the diaspora, living as 2nd and 3rd class 

citizens in foreign lands. Our condition is tied to the legacy of slavery 

and genocide of Afrikan people in North America and the Afrikan Diaspora.

BAIO along with some of the most powerful bloggers in Black America and 

the diaspora will make the case that it is time for landless sons and 

daughters of Mother Afrika to have self determination. We believe self 

determination means self rule and government. The only place this can 

happen is in Africa. It is time for us to move forward to our ancient home 


We are currently pursuing negotiations with African governments. This will 

require participation and brainstorming of our most educated, our 

intelligentsia, and our academic elite. We will organize our people for 

this mission. We want to create an non reversible situation as we send 

pioneers to the continent. Building settlements and proclaiming Afrikstan 

will be the enduring goal to our national salvation!

We are, unapologetic, Black Afrikan Nationalists and Afrikan Centered 


Nationalists have zero interest in "overturning the system" or being a 

militant, a subversive or an agitator within a sinking ship.

A Nationalist is a person who advocates political independence for a 

country or state. We have no desire to "make America great again" or 

establish a base of operations in the land of our historic enemies nor be 

surrounded by them.

The BAIO is not here to fix America's problems.

We want to establish an independent nation state of our own, on the 

continent of our ancestors, for the victims, descendants and P.O.W's of 

the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade scattered throughout the diaspora, living 

as 2nd and 3rd class citizens in foreign lands.

Those enclaves of stolen Black Afrikan people scattered across the 

diaspora and living as 2nd and 3rd class citizens will be transformed into 

successful and thriving satellite communities (no different than the China 

towns existing in American cities are satellite communities of China) once 

the nation state is established.

People always ask, "why are there no Afrika towns in America?"

Well, how can you have an "Afrika town" if you don't have an Afrika?

We at the BAIO (Black Afrika Infrastructure Organization) STRONGLY believe 

that Afrikan Americans and Afrikan Diasporans need to know what it is like 

to control a piece of territory from the bottom to the top and control 

policy on that piece of territory.

Until we do that we will always be at the mercy of the people that do. 

(See Flint, Michigan)

The BAIO is not a "Back to Afrika" movement.

The BAIO is moving forward to LAND, INFRASTRUCTURE & NATIONHOOD on the 

continent of our ancestors and our ancient home land.


Black Afrikan Power & Abibifahodie! 

Total Afrikan Liberation!

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BAIO A-Z To be cont.......

A) BAIO Social Network........The meeting place to"socialize"nationalist and to cultivate members into BAIO Ideologies and plans.The social network is BAIO currently.The social network has a forum,blog,groups,chatroom,link to the donation button,photos,News,We need everyone contributing to adding content and information to the group.When members join, they should see a social network that is a sanctuary for nationalist, and those who believe in our just cause.The Social Network has six administrators.The administrators monitor content and member participation.The administration also enforces and removes offensive posts and comments on the social network.Anyone can create a group in BAIO as long as it is carrying out the mandate and policies of the BAIO.Each group must state its purpose and goals.Use these groups to build organizations inside of the BAIO Social Network.

B)BAIO Radio Network............The radio network is our outreach to the general public.The radio shows are NOT conference calls.No business or details should be discussed on the air.The radio shows will be open to any callers not just people who agree with our ideology.If a host cannot defend the concept of Land Infrastructure and Nationhood to anyone calling in,that person should not host shows.Just as the social network is where we draw members,the radio network is where we draw opposition to debate our Ideology.The radio show is also entertainment as well as information.Radio must be consistent in order to grow.Missing shows and keeping changing schedules will lose our audience.

C)BAIO Non Profit.............BAIO is striving to become an NGO.Once we become an NGO then we can build an ITC/Call center,Office have a President,Treasurer,Secretary Sargent at Arms as well as building the groups into branches of BAIO.THIS TAKES SERIOUS FUNDING.Funding from major donors that believe in our just cause.We are currently working on this,and by summer we hope to be incorporated with a 501.

D)BAIO Basecamp.........Basecamp will be the project management system for the BAIO.Basecamp is used by many businesses and organizations to create,manage and build projects.Its uses timetables,benchmarks,metrics,analytics,alerts,goal,ect.Basecamp is the most effective tool for building organizations.

E)BAIO Donations............Donations from everyone is important. This goes for Administration, both BAIO and its social network.Administrators must be contributing the minimum 10 dollar ,contribution per month as an example to others. To our valued members, your contributions gives you much say so in the building of this organization.Please take initiative and speak up and participate.This organization belongs to all of us, contributors and non contributors alike.

F)BAIO Blog and Social Media............Blogging and pushing your blog or someone else blog on to Facebook,Twitter,Linked in,Google helps spread the BAIO message.Please take the time to tweet and like as many blogs as you can.

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Shout out

Shout out to pur Brother Heru Ammen for his endeavors in Zambia and doing project management there. That experience is going to be great Brother and valuable to building our independent nation state.
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