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Agenda For Africa Celeste Brito

The Black Afrikan Infrastructure Organization has come in fulll circle.For the past six years myself and my peers have been working to make the idea of an Afrikstan(Diaspora)homeland a reality.Each passing day that reality is coming to pass.A few years ago our friend Mr Rosenthall went to Angola on a fact finding mission to inquire about gold bullion investment opportunities there.Along with my connections he met the Honorable Celeste Brito the head of the Natural Resource bank.Both had similar vision of monetizing gold and other minerals for infrastructure development.While he was there he mentioned my idea of an Afrikstan to Angolans Zambians,Zimbabweans.Former AU director Dr Arikaner liked the idea and began calling it Wakanda in Zambia Zimbabwe borders.Angolans also liked the idea especially Ms Celeste Brito.With that being said the idea of making this a reality requires highly skilled African Americans and diasporans to comne back home to Africa.

The mission of this organiztion...There is no I in team.This mission requires teamwork.Everyone participating in this mission has a responsibilty to Celeste  Mr Rosenthal, Angola and the BAIO.The mission is simple building the infrastructure, social,cultural,economic,politcal bonds between Africa AND THOSE WHO ARE TRYING TO RETURN. Over the years Ive been building the kind of friendships in Angola and showcasing the vast talent Black America has to offer a developing country.Africa is currrently facing 550 billion in external debt to the IMF,China and the BRIC nations.This is unsustainable.As we speak hunger and famine are ravishing Zimbabwe as White farmers will bleed whats left dry witntheir 350 reparations package.I would urge anyone who is serious and had high level skills to get in contact with me i you are interested in working and representing the BAIO mission in Africa

Dwayne K Makala

aka KALAGENESIS 7476202901?profile=RESIZE_584x7476206268?profile=RESIZE_710x7476208500?profile=RESIZE_710x

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Last week I was honored to be a guest on Search for Uhuru radio show.LIN Land Infrastructure and Nationhood as a concept is finally taking off.No other ideology will work.Infrastructure is about power.Who controls what we see, where we go,the quality of life,our protection,comfort and vitality.Infrastructure and the perfection of infrastructure is 90% of what all governments and policy makers do.The Black race has little or poor infrastructure.In order for you to have infrastructure you need land.A base of operations that you control.On that land building infrastructure and maintaining and expanding and controlling that infrastructure allows for a people to become a community locally and a nation nationally.Poor infrastructure leads to the disfunction of the state.It creates breeches and vulnerabilities.Because we do not live under a common land and infrastructure there is no community.There is no we,there is no us.I stress that we should have a Afrikstan or Afrikan homeland to build this infrastructure so we can have a global pipeline linking Black America to Africa and beyond.This in one generation will solve 80% of the problems we face.So we at the BAIO need people with skills who are ready to build.It wont be easy.As I said in the broadcast there will be challenges,trials and tribulations.Out of which a new nation and civilization will emerge.

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Afrikstan The Nation and the State harmonized


The Tao of nationhood is the harmony between the state and the nation.The nation is a people with a common heritage,culture,traditions,beliefs generally religion,customs and history.These bonds are forged over hundreds and in some cases thousands of years.Many people believe a nation is defined by geography.In my opinion that is not completely true.In Africa we have a continent tinkering on the abyss because nationhood was never addressed.In Nigeria there are thousands of ethnic minorities with their own culture who are marginalized by the three dominate tribes,the Hausa,Yoruba,Igbo,The British created Nigeria at the turn of the 20th century simply by drawing boundaries over dinner on a napkin.They gave the Hausa a dominate position and the most territory because it was assumed that they were the least progressive and modern.In Nigeria the territory of Biafra has called for a Biafra state led by Biafran Separatist.Biafrans have a legitimate claim to nation statehood.They were forced into a geopolitical entity created by the British general Lugard.Nigeria was a Protectoate business venture with a British governing administration.At the time the only Black/African ruled republic on the African continent was Liberia.When Nigeria became independent nationalism spurred on by Nigeria's size and the influence of Pan Africanism sweeping the continent,it decided to create a nation out of the many diverse tribes and languages.Since there was only one broadcast authority and English was the official language this was achievable.The problem is as people become more educated wealthy and refined they tend to lose traditional values,norms and habits.When this happens they begin searching for familiarity and similarities with like kind and minded people.This is happening all over the world.The biggest influence is social media.Social media is responsible for the rise of nationalism and the crumbling of the NWO Globalism.We saw it in Breixt.We are seeing it in English Cameroon.We are seeing it in Catalonia Spain.However there was a Basque Separatist movement in Spain for decades.

                                                                    What does this tell us?This tells us that states are fallible.They are not constant.The nation is constant and demands continuity.As long as people feel they are part of a nation the desire for statehood will always be with us.We live in a dangerous world right now.Sovereign borders governments are not respected equally.We saw a so called Black President undermine Col Ghadaffi leading to his demise.Now Libya a once beautiful but imperfect nation is a hell on Earth thanks to Hilary Clinton and President Barack Obama's dreamy eyed Citizen of the World Globalism and one world government policies.The idea of globalism,one world government has been around for over 300 years.This is what Imperialism was.I believe globalism,one language,one world culture,eventually one race is a farce that will lead to further decline of civilization.People are at their best when they assume nationalism based on race,common heritage and culture.

The Nation vs the State.....Are you a nation kind of person?Or are you more on the state side?The state is a definite geographic location with defined borders boundaries,jurisdiction sovereignty over that particular land.The state is governed by a body of laws and institutions.A state is protected by police,military,laws,courts, currency.Abraham Lincoln once said that a government of the people by the people for the people shall never perish from the Earth.One point Lincoln said that was overlooked was he was talking to a homogeneous White Anglo Saxon Prodestant population direct descendants of England.Lincoln was talking about the White nation and as long as the government in Washington represents their interest it has the right to exist.

The Afrikstan........An Afrikstan is an African American generally and African slave descendant nation state.It does not have to be completely independent so as long as it is on Africa soil.The state part can be a co governing arrangement with a host African country providing land and basic infrastructure.It is the duty of the people to bond build the spirit and resilience patriotism and pride in ones nation to sustain it.If a people are ignorant,lazy,unjust, wicked,immoral the nation will die and the state would have to play the dominant position even if it means martial law.But when the people decide to build families communities schools institutions,culture art science then the nation becomes strong and they assume dominance over the state.2042369?profile=original

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What is the BAIO About?

BAIO is a Geopolitical organization of Afrikan American and Afrikan 

Diasporan victims, descendants and P.O.W's of the Trans-Atlantic Slave 

Trade scattered throughout the diaspora, living as 2nd and 3rd class 

citizens in foreign lands. Our condition is tied to the legacy of slavery 

and genocide of Afrikan people in North America and the Afrikan Diaspora.

BAIO along with some of the most powerful bloggers in Black America and 

the diaspora will make the case that it is time for landless sons and 

daughters of Mother Afrika to have self determination. We believe self 

determination means self rule and government. The only place this can 

happen is in Africa. It is time for us to move forward to our ancient home 


We are currently pursuing negotiations with African governments. This will 

require participation and brainstorming of our most educated, our 

intelligentsia, and our academic elite. We will organize our people for 

this mission. We want to create an non reversible situation as we send 

pioneers to the continent. Building settlements and proclaiming Afrikstan 

will be the enduring goal to our national salvation!

We are, unapologetic, Black Afrikan Nationalists and Afrikan Centered 


Nationalists have zero interest in "overturning the system" or being a 

militant, a subversive or an agitator within a sinking ship.

A Nationalist is a person who advocates political independence for a 

country or state. We have no desire to "make America great again" or 

establish a base of operations in the land of our historic enemies nor be 

surrounded by them.

The BAIO is not here to fix America's problems.

We want to establish an independent nation state of our own, on the 

continent of our ancestors, for the victims, descendants and P.O.W's of 

the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade scattered throughout the diaspora, living 

as 2nd and 3rd class citizens in foreign lands.

Those enclaves of stolen Black Afrikan people scattered across the 

diaspora and living as 2nd and 3rd class citizens will be transformed into 

successful and thriving satellite communities (no different than the China 

towns existing in American cities are satellite communities of China) once 

the nation state is established.

People always ask, "why are there no Afrika towns in America?"

Well, how can you have an "Afrika town" if you don't have an Afrika?

We at the BAIO (Black Afrika Infrastructure Organization) STRONGLY believe 

that Afrikan Americans and Afrikan Diasporans need to know what it is like 

to control a piece of territory from the bottom to the top and control 

policy on that piece of territory.

Until we do that we will always be at the mercy of the people that do. 

(See Flint, Michigan)

The BAIO is not a "Back to Afrika" movement.

The BAIO is moving forward to LAND, INFRASTRUCTURE & NATIONHOOD on the 

continent of our ancestors and our ancient home land.


Black Afrikan Power & Abibifahodie! 

Total Afrikan Liberation!

Black Afrikan Infrastructure Organization (BAIO) Social Network

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Afrikstan.The Unifying Goal of the BAIO

The Black African Infrastructure Organization is a diverse body of individuals,that have come to a common conclusion of nationhood.This is what unifies us under this banner.We coined the term Afrikstan meaning a homeland in Africa for the descendants of the Maafa or Trans Atlantic Slave Holocaust.If anyone does not agree on this principle,they should not be part of the BAIO.This group is growing in influence and support.One day very soon we will launch our program.In the early stages we have to be careful about letting too much information out to the public.We have detractors that are trying to derail our efforts.We are looking for people with like mind.Everyone has a vision of what this nation should be like.And the exact location is being pondered.Nothing is concrete as of yet.This is going to take years of negotiations with our African brothers and sisters.We at BAIO believe that a nation or homeland on the continent is non negotiable.We will not be under the rule of former slave owners forever.We envision a modern first world nation/state.

My vision of an Afrikstan.....

My vision comes from my personal observation of our people and my value system.I believe in a democratic republic.I believe in strong families,communities,institutions,rule of law,pursuit of happiness,individual liberties.I believe in free and fair markets and that any investment,law,or policy must be for the overriding good of the people as well as the state.I believe only an educated people striving for oneness through a common heritage and common future will ensure continuity,and the future of the nation.To do this we have to know each other.Identifying as an African and acknowledging our ancestors and the blood that they lost is key to unifying a people.

My vision also sees a land where a person can pursue their dreams,but also has a patriotic duty to be law abiding,productive and hard working.I believe the state should create the policies that create opportunity for the people.And that officials and the state derive their authority and power from the people and their general welfare.We want people coming in the spirit of brotherhood not the spirit of divisiveness.This social network is a place where we can vet people and get to know one another.

An Afrikstan can be a city/state,enclave,state ect.The immediate governing must be from us in limited co governance with a host nation.This is done all over the world.The Afrikstan will give 200 million Africans in the West a presence on the world stage,as we are currently living under the domination of former slave masters.The Afrikstan will be a place where Pan African values will be written into law.A place where business,culture,entertainment,connections,between African Americans and Continental Africans can take place on equal terms...

What is your idea for an Afrikstan?What kind of nation do you envision?

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Nationhood is more than just territory.

What I mean is we know Africa is 12 million square miles.All of which were formed as geo political entities by Europeans.The current borders are only maintained to keep colonial influence in place.There are no real Black/Afrikan nationstates.African armies were never designed to fight external threats as real nation states.They are there only to suppress the population.Not speaking for BAIO but myself........I do  not respect the borders because I do not have any borders of my own.90% of Africa is unoccupied.If a land does not have infrastructure or people it is open for settlement.This is why we will compromise with a willing host government.There are some who know the benefit of having skilled educated hard working people settling in their proximity.God made the land not man.No one owns the land,it is what you can hold..Culture of a people,common history,heritage,language are the glue that keeps a nation together.Not some artificial boundary running through many adverse populations of people.

We at the BAIO think presenting ourselves to a host African nation as partners is the civilized thing to do.We will not back off of that.We want the right to govern ourselves,set our own agenda and bring the might of our intelligence to this new reality in Africa.Going someplace and not being able to advance because some people think we should continue a culture of powerlessness,but under African rule is insane.Africa will never develop until the slave trade is reversed and we have a state and representation in Africa.Asia is interconnected globally.Africans unfortunately abandoned real Pan Africanism for tribalism,ethnonationalism,and fiefdom. 

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BAIO A-Z To be cont.......

A) BAIO Social Network........The meeting place to"socialize"nationalist and to cultivate members into BAIO Ideologies and plans.The social network is BAIO currently.The social network has a forum,blog,groups,chatroom,link to the donation button,photos,News,We need everyone contributing to adding content and information to the group.When members join, they should see a social network that is a sanctuary for nationalist, and those who believe in our just cause.The Social Network has six administrators.The administrators monitor content and member participation.The administration also enforces and removes offensive posts and comments on the social network.Anyone can create a group in BAIO as long as it is carrying out the mandate and policies of the BAIO.Each group must state its purpose and goals.Use these groups to build organizations inside of the BAIO Social Network.

B)BAIO Radio Network............The radio network is our outreach to the general public.The radio shows are NOT conference calls.No business or details should be discussed on the air.The radio shows will be open to any callers not just people who agree with our ideology.If a host cannot defend the concept of Land Infrastructure and Nationhood to anyone calling in,that person should not host shows.Just as the social network is where we draw members,the radio network is where we draw opposition to debate our Ideology.The radio show is also entertainment as well as information.Radio must be consistent in order to grow.Missing shows and keeping changing schedules will lose our audience.

C)BAIO Non Profit.............BAIO is striving to become an NGO.Once we become an NGO then we can build an ITC/Call center,Office have a President,Treasurer,Secretary Sargent at Arms as well as building the groups into branches of BAIO.THIS TAKES SERIOUS FUNDING.Funding from major donors that believe in our just cause.We are currently working on this,and by summer we hope to be incorporated with a 501.

D)BAIO Basecamp.........Basecamp will be the project management system for the BAIO.Basecamp is used by many businesses and organizations to create,manage and build projects.Its uses timetables,benchmarks,metrics,analytics,alerts,goal,ect.Basecamp is the most effective tool for building organizations.

E)BAIO Donations............Donations from everyone is important. This goes for Administration, both BAIO and its social network.Administrators must be contributing the minimum 10 dollar ,contribution per month as an example to others. To our valued members, your contributions gives you much say so in the building of this organization.Please take initiative and speak up and participate.This organization belongs to all of us, contributors and non contributors alike.

F)BAIO Blog and Social Media............Blogging and pushing your blog or someone else blog on to Facebook,Twitter,Linked in,Google helps spread the BAIO message.Please take the time to tweet and like as many blogs as you can.

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Organization of Emerging African States

I have often been asked where in Africa will we build a nation?You know- Negro Stall Tactics.One of the major problems is the lack of education of Africa among people who are supposed to be Pan Africanist.This includes the likes of Malcolm X and many others who threw their support behind the Neo Colonial new African puppet regimes in the so called independence era.The current boundaries still reflect the pattern of European domination over Africa.There is no consideration for minority tribes and their self determination as Europeans allies with powerful tribes to carve up the continent and bleed it to death.This is the root of all conflict in Africa.There is also no reconciliation of the millions of African descendant of the slave trade who may want to return to establish their own state or homeland on the continent as the same groups given sovereignty by their colonial Gods have an illegitimate claim on territory they cannot develop nor occupy.I believe a coming new order is happening,and that there will be no revolution until the land and boundary issue is solved that benefits Africans globally.

One organization BAIO is exploring is the Organization of Emerging African States.Here is a mission statement 


We are a new IGO dedicated to providing strategic services to the emerging nations of Africa and their citizens.

OEAS member states are united by one shared principle — they all seek self determination and believe self determination to be inevitable.

The colonial era borders of Africa must be shattered as an artifical construct of the 20th century. Just as the USSR dissolved, so too will the status quo in Africa which is propped up by economic and geopolitical interest inimical to the aspiration of Africans.

Africa is a paradox which illustrates and highlights neo-colonialism. Her earth is rich, yet the products that come from above and below the soil continue to enrich, not Africans predominantly, but groups and individuals who operate to Africa's impoverishment.
— Kwame Nkrumah

The Africa of today clings tenaciously to the 1885 Boundaries of the Congress of Berlin. Only when this colonial paradigm is broken will Africa be truly free to form itself into its actual constituent states and assume its status as a world power.

Message from the OEAS Secretary General

As a former political prisoner, I know better than most that the corrupt dictaters of Africa cannot be salvaged. Only through a radical solution can Africa be liberated from an endless cycle of exploitation and corruption. The key to freedom is in the map of Africa, tear down the colonial era boundaries and only then can Africa rebuild. Africans suffer under the political map of former colonial empires, all those who are in favor of the status quo in Africa stand in the way of progress and freedom.

Ebenezer Derek Mbongo Akwanga, Jr.
Founding Father and National Chairman of Southern Cameroons Youth League
Secretary General of the OEAS


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TRG (USA) lands investment eye in Zimbabwe

UNITED States of America based international engineering company The Rosenthall Group Incorporation (TRG) has tabled plans to provide funding and technical assistance for economic development programmes in agriculture and mining sectors in Zimbabwe, an official has said. TRG works with Governments, NGOs and large private companies providing funding and technical assistance for humanitarian, agriculture/agribusiness, mining technology, housing programmes, hospitals and economic development programmes in African countries.
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The Million Man March anniversary which took place on October 10 2015,was another waste of a golden opportunity.It is becoming clear that there really isn't any real nationalist movement anymore.There never was.We have entertainers,fools,clowns,losers,angry winers ect.There are no Honorable men in Black America,not one.It seems everyone is out for their own agenda,money,women,fame and fortune.What I noticed was that I had it all wrong,Black people are not looking for salvation.They are just looking for a way to justify their miserable third class existence in America.As long as they believe the problem is with the so called WHITE MAN.They can use this straw man argument to point to all of their shortcomings.Is it any wonder why White America has not fear of us?Justice or Else?The or else came and he took boat loads of money this past weekend from gullible Negroes.The city of DC got a surge of business and cash from the thousands of Negroes and their"or else'.

It is time for the BAIO to take the reigns of leadership to guide our people to the promised land.LIN Land Infrastructure and Nationhood is the answer,if anyone is searching with the right questions.It seems Minister Farrakhan has gone over the the LGBT cause.This cause is against the Black traditional family.An institution that is vital to nation building.Notice it was the worst entertainers that promote the self destructive culture that was present in the march?Note the lesbian MGT of the Nation of Islam.Our community is finally waking up to the garbage that report to speak for us.

Black Faces of the "Homosexual Agenda" - Yesterday & TodayFrom Bayard Rustin to Al Sharpton to Minister Farrakhan to Gay-Z:Black Leaders' "Gay Agenda" Posing As a "Black Agenda"

Posted by Ayo Kimathi on 14 ඔක්තෝබර් 2015
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Guiding Principles.........................Any principles or precepts that guide an organization throughout its life in all circumstances, irrespective of changes in its goalsstrategies, type of work, or the top management.

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BAIO is not an organization seeking to lead anyone.BAIO has certain guiding principles that we want to share with our people.The core of BAIO can be summed up into three words....Land,which means we believe we should have a homeland in Africa that we control.Infrastructure...means the systems of life that makes a modern state function,such as industry,governance,roads,schools,hospitals,railways,ports,energy ect.Nationhood....meaning we define who we are,and we select who can join us,our customs,morays,norms,traditions,holidays,folk music,religion,heroes and heroins.Nationhood means we can decide should we be a people defined by a common set of traditions,historical background or should we use modern pluralism and sociology to redefine who we are.

We believe that African Americans are homogeneous culturally.But we are diverse as far as ideology.BAIO wants to build consensuses as to what kind of new nation we envision.This social network will give people the idea of what an Afrikstan will look like.BAIO believe that the Black Family is the nucleus of any nation.That family is defined and one husband one wife joined together in holy matrimony.The seeds from that union is our most precious jewels.Creating prosperous families means building a great nation.

BAIO believes age old ides of honor,trust,loyalty,hard work,ethics,brotherhood and the golden rule are core guiding principles to unite and build a nation that will rise and be a model for the world.

BAIO believe in human rights and dignity.Liberty and justice for all men.Words matched by deeds.That the dignity of all men regardless of race or faith should be respected.

BAIO Believes also in democratic principles.Democracy is indigenous to African values.BAIO does not believe in tyrants,bullies,despots or injustice being inflicted on any human being.

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Many people have asked just what is BAIO? What is an Afrikstan?

BAIO is a Geopolitical organization of Afrikan American and Afrikan Diasporan descendants of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade. Our condition is tied to the legacy of slavery and genocide of Afrikan people in North America and the Afrikan Diaspora.

BAIO along with some of the most powerful bloggers in Black America and the diaspora will make the case that it is time for landless sons and daughters of Mother Afrika to have self determination. We believe self determination means self rule and government. The only place this can happen is in Africa. It is time for us to come back home.

Since this network is secure we can talk frank and open.

We are currently pursuing negotiations with African governments, Angola in particular.

This will require participation and brainstorming of our most educated our intelligentsia and our academic elite. We will organize our people for this mission. We hope to have the first people on the ground by next summer. We want to create an non reversible situation as we send pioneers to the continent. Building settlements and proclaiming Afrikstan will be the enduring goad to our national salvation!

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