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Obama extends sanctions on Zimbabwe?

President Barack Obama has extended sanctions of then in 1994 former soldiers of the Zanu PF began the process of evicting White farmers from their homes and farms.Mugabe tried to stop it,but the winds were blowing in a different direction.Mugabe risked a civil war if he tried to stop the land seizures,so he decided in supporting land reform.The Whites were shocked and their sense of invincibility was gone.This was right around the time Namibia because independent and Mandela was becoming South Africa's president,denying the White racist in Zimbabwe allies in the region.

With the loss of South Africa,Botswana,Angola.Mozambique,Namibia,the White's dream of a Southern African homeland something like Australia came to an end.The British and French now operate through surrogates and proxy in the region.One of the ways is to discredit leaders of African nations.Angolan President Eduordo Dos Santos is facing the same unbalanced criticism.But note the very corrupt presidents of Cameroon,and EQ Guinea get almost no negative coverage in the Western media,if they are mentioned at all.Can you guest why?An African leader is bad when they are not serving the interest of White nations.

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TRG (USA) lands investment eye in Zimbabwe

UNITED States of America based international engineering company The Rosenthall Group Incorporation (TRG) has tabled plans to provide funding and technical assistance for economic development programmes in agriculture and mining sectors in Zimbabwe, an official has said. TRG works with Governments, NGOs and large private companies providing funding and technical assistance for humanitarian, agriculture/agribusiness, mining technology, housing programmes, hospitals and economic development programmes in African countries.
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