repatriation (1)

Nationhood is more than just territory.

What I mean is we know Africa is 12 million square miles.All of which were formed as geo political entities by Europeans.The current borders are only maintained to keep colonial influence in place.There are no real Black/Afrikan nationstates.African armies were never designed to fight external threats as real nation states.They are there only to suppress the population.Not speaking for BAIO but myself........I do  not respect the borders because I do not have any borders of my own.90% of Africa is unoccupied.If a land does not have infrastructure or people it is open for settlement.This is why we will compromise with a willing host government.There are some who know the benefit of having skilled educated hard working people settling in their proximity.God made the land not man.No one owns the land,it is what you can hold..Culture of a people,common history,heritage,language are the glue that keeps a nation together.Not some artificial boundary running through many adverse populations of people.

We at the BAIO think presenting ourselves to a host African nation as partners is the civilized thing to do.We will not back off of that.We want the right to govern ourselves,set our own agenda and bring the might of our intelligence to this new reality in Africa.Going someplace and not being able to advance because some people think we should continue a culture of powerlessness,but under African rule is insane.Africa will never develop until the slave trade is reversed and we have a state and representation in Africa.Asia is interconnected globally.Africans unfortunately abandoned real Pan Africanism for tribalism,ethnonationalism,and fiefdom. 

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