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The Black Afrikan Infrsatructure Organization is the originator of Dr Arikana's Wakanda City Project.The idea of an African Diaspoa African African America homeland in Africa came out of the extensive work of the BAIO.Although not in the founding membership,Mr Robert Rosentall has been a partner in building relationships with high level Africa officials for decades.In 2011 at the behest of the BAIO's Association of African Americans for Liberia he went there promoting our Liberia Next series.A project focused on investment in Liberian rubber and other natural resources.Ufortunately he couldn't get an audience with the Minister of finance even though he brought heavy investors with him.It was because he was African American he faced prejudice from his Liberian friends.A Liberian friend of ours Samuel Cooper gave him a tour of his land in Marshall L;iberia inwhich Rosenthall found iron ore gold tin and serveral other minerals as well and rich soil for rubber and cocoa production.We never gave up on Liberia as the country holds a special place among the Afrikstan or future homelands.It was clear that Preident SIrleaf had no real vision beyond her own personal gain and 8321569071?profile=RESIZE_710xprofit.                                                                                        







The Agreed apon Endgame of the Black Afrikan Infrastructure Organization is the Idea of an Afrikstan.Anyone who does not agree this has no place among us.An Afrikstan must be built and controlled by African American and other slave descendants period.I made that clear in 2016 when I asked Mr Rosethall to pitch the idea around in Africa.Surprisinly we got postive feedback.The Best one was from Angola whom I was cultivating since 2014 when Ghana Kenya and Liberia balked.Mr Vemba an Angolan American told me Angola has plenty of space for a ciity state.I was then introduced to the great Mother Celeste Brito .This was under the Currupt Dos Santos regime.She was doing very good with her Natra Bank and Rosentall's Gold Bullion bank.She proposed building this Afrikstan in northern Angola on the Congo River in a place called SOYO..We had our eyes on Tamboa in th south.In 2016 everthing was going good.Then in 2018 Celeste was imprisioned on false charges and things stopped in  Angola for the BAIO.Mr Roenthall was in Angola at the time but went to Zimbabwe where he met Dr Arikana some Chinese partners and Presient Robert Mugabe.It was here he brought up the idea of a city state for the diaspora,something like a Dubia.Dr Arikana began calling it Wakanda because of the movie Black Panther which was out at the time.I objected to this because the Afrikstan has a specific meaning and its not some comic book fantasy.8321642491?profile=RESIZE_710x8321643674?profile=RESIZE_710x8321644884?profile=RESIZE_710x

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In my enemy within series,I've pointed out that there were several kinds of people in Black America who are outright enemies of our people.In this series I point out the enemies among us because it is easy to point to a vague abstraction called the White Devil as the only enemy.This is because most of us know there are racist people and the history of what these people did to us.Slavery may be unforgivable so is losing our land,language,culture and sense of identity inwhich all free people pride themselves on.We as a people are neglected abused and marginalized no matter our income or social standing in America.But in spite of this it is only human to make due with what you have and try to seek some bit of happiness and escape from the maddening reality called life.Black America is no different.We want what other people want,money,power,recognition,respect happiness peace and continuity for our posterity.

The Black Afrikan Infrastructure Organization,believes that the collective endgame to our journey trials and tribulations in America is a nation of our own in Africa.Our Manifest Destiny should be self rule and self governance.Within the BAIO it is agreed that most of our people are not ready for this nor do we expect everyone to be on the next plane to Africa.We believe we should have a homeland that we invest in and support.This idea of having a homeland in Africa is nothing new.It has been in the African American consciousness for 400 year or since the first African were brought to America in chains.We respect people's right to be Americans if they want to be.All we ask is that you respect those of us who believe in nationhood.We do not engage in attacks on people who disagree with us unless provoked.We want to see our people happy.We dont judge people who serve in the military,engage with non Blacks in business friendships ect.We are a tolerant organization that is focused on getting our own land.

The Enemy Within..Misery Merchants..These are people who are hell bent on keeping confusion in the Black community because they are unhappy with themselves or how their lives turned out.To a Misery Merchant no Black person should be successful.When a Black person is successful they do their best to demonize that person.The Misery Merchants thrive on the Vague Abstraction called White Supremacy.This means anything they dont understand,want to take part in or dont like they will say either White Supremacy is behind it or will destroy it.We saw this with the bitcoin boom where brothers and sisters were doing well in bitcoin and crypto currency.The Misery Merchants attacked it saying its a fad and that Black folks lost their minds if they think they are going to get in on something White Supremacy controls.When bitcoin crashed last month notice how gleeful the Misery Merchants were?But now that Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are back up they are sad.The Misery Merchants dont want Black people to have any victories.They are losers and outright haters of our people.In 2008 when President Obama won the Presidency the Misery Merchants came out in full force attack Black America for giving Obama 97% of the vote.Black America was happy seeing that beautiful family in the White House.As a nationalist I was even happy seeing my people happy.We had people like Umar Johnsonand Tavis Smiley saying Black folks need to hold Obama accountable for their vote.I agree with that but what came next shocked me.These Misery Merchants were attacking Obama worst than the Tea Party.They were online day and night shaming Black folks for supporting his presidency.Not once did they attack the GOP.It was all about seeing Black folks happy.Now if they say America will always be racist and Obama cant do anything,then these same people should support nationhood right?Wrong,the same people will attack the BAIO and LIN Land Infrastructure and Nationhood because again it means a solution and accountablity.We raised the point about the richest Black man in the world is Nigerian Industrialist Aliko Dangote worth 24 billion and they tried to say he was an agent of imperialist and White supremacy.There are many examples of negativity not rooted in truth or constructive criticism by malicious dogma that we can predict even before they open their mouths.

The Misery Merchants attack the Black Panther movie and mock Black enthusiasm for the film..As you well know there has been this movement for the last 5 months to stop and destroy the Block Buster movie Black Panther.All attempts have failed as the movie is approaching one billion in box office sales breaking all records.The Misery Merchants hate Black Panther only because whatever they are doing in life isnt working out for them.They used the tired old theme of it was written by a White man,or White men financed it.Disney and Marvel are white owned companies.They do this while on Facebook Twitter Youtube which are all White own and gross 30 times what the Black Panther did.Their use of these platforms are making these platforms billions in ad revenue.The hipocrisy doesn't stop there.They without checking the facts didn't know that the entire production of Black Panther was done by Black people on the largest international scale in history.Black set designers from Africa and America.It was shot in Atlanta in a Black owned studio Tyler Perry and the largest budget given to the youngest director in history.213 million dollars.The film completely pushed the gangster culture off of the radar and has had a profound effect on young Africans and African Americans seeing such a positive image of themselves on the screen.Black people have spoken this is what we want more of.But the Misery Merchants are online shaming brow beating and attacking the very people they claim to love.They dont love us,they are enemies.They hate progress and happiness in our community.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Afrikstan The Nation and the State harmonized


The Tao of nationhood is the harmony between the state and the nation.The nation is a people with a common heritage,culture,traditions,beliefs generally religion,customs and history.These bonds are forged over hundreds and in some cases thousands of years.Many people believe a nation is defined by geography.In my opinion that is not completely true.In Africa we have a continent tinkering on the abyss because nationhood was never addressed.In Nigeria there are thousands of ethnic minorities with their own culture who are marginalized by the three dominate tribes,the Hausa,Yoruba,Igbo,The British created Nigeria at the turn of the 20th century simply by drawing boundaries over dinner on a napkin.They gave the Hausa a dominate position and the most territory because it was assumed that they were the least progressive and modern.In Nigeria the territory of Biafra has called for a Biafra state led by Biafran Separatist.Biafrans have a legitimate claim to nation statehood.They were forced into a geopolitical entity created by the British general Lugard.Nigeria was a Protectoate business venture with a British governing administration.At the time the only Black/African ruled republic on the African continent was Liberia.When Nigeria became independent nationalism spurred on by Nigeria's size and the influence of Pan Africanism sweeping the continent,it decided to create a nation out of the many diverse tribes and languages.Since there was only one broadcast authority and English was the official language this was achievable.The problem is as people become more educated wealthy and refined they tend to lose traditional values,norms and habits.When this happens they begin searching for familiarity and similarities with like kind and minded people.This is happening all over the world.The biggest influence is social media.Social media is responsible for the rise of nationalism and the crumbling of the NWO Globalism.We saw it in Breixt.We are seeing it in English Cameroon.We are seeing it in Catalonia Spain.However there was a Basque Separatist movement in Spain for decades.

                                                                    What does this tell us?This tells us that states are fallible.They are not constant.The nation is constant and demands continuity.As long as people feel they are part of a nation the desire for statehood will always be with us.We live in a dangerous world right now.Sovereign borders governments are not respected equally.We saw a so called Black President undermine Col Ghadaffi leading to his demise.Now Libya a once beautiful but imperfect nation is a hell on Earth thanks to Hilary Clinton and President Barack Obama's dreamy eyed Citizen of the World Globalism and one world government policies.The idea of globalism,one world government has been around for over 300 years.This is what Imperialism was.I believe globalism,one language,one world culture,eventually one race is a farce that will lead to further decline of civilization.People are at their best when they assume nationalism based on race,common heritage and culture.

The Nation vs the State.....Are you a nation kind of person?Or are you more on the state side?The state is a definite geographic location with defined borders boundaries,jurisdiction sovereignty over that particular land.The state is governed by a body of laws and institutions.A state is protected by police,military,laws,courts, currency.Abraham Lincoln once said that a government of the people by the people for the people shall never perish from the Earth.One point Lincoln said that was overlooked was he was talking to a homogeneous White Anglo Saxon Prodestant population direct descendants of England.Lincoln was talking about the White nation and as long as the government in Washington represents their interest it has the right to exist.

The Afrikstan........An Afrikstan is an African American generally and African slave descendant nation state.It does not have to be completely independent so as long as it is on Africa soil.The state part can be a co governing arrangement with a host African country providing land and basic infrastructure.It is the duty of the people to bond build the spirit and resilience patriotism and pride in ones nation to sustain it.If a people are ignorant,lazy,unjust, wicked,immoral the nation will die and the state would have to play the dominant position even if it means martial law.But when the people decide to build families communities schools institutions,culture art science then the nation becomes strong and they assume dominance over the state.2042369?profile=original

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