Afrikstan/Nation State FAQ........

Nation= A people with a common culture,heritage,race,future and purpose.

State=The Land Infrastructure Constitution 

Nation State=The social contract between the state(sovereign land) and the nation(citizens)

Responsibility of the State=Governance,policy,laws,safety and security,infrastructure,taxes,education,health care,borders,interior,themes and holidays

Responsibility of the Citizens=Civic duties,raising families,traditions,values,obeying laws,allegiance to the state's sovereignty,

electing public servants,paying taxes.


Afrik=Black Afrikan Slave Descendants

Stan=Land,or where we stand,ex Pakistan,Bantustan,Afghanistan,ect

Afrikstani=A citizen of Afrikstan.

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  • I think that the concept of nation in this particular context is quite interesting bc like you said once on one of your shows.........a lot of our ancestors came for Angola. I don't know what led you to Angola...but I would like to thank you for listening to whatever inner light that led you to Angola brother.  My sister, recently took one of those tests and it claimed that my paternal side has roots in Nigeria, but I have no doubt regardless that somewhere I have roots in Angola with my Mom being from Southern Alabama.  Who knows? I am just glad to help bring productive Africans into a place where we can control or social, economic, and political realities.

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