One of the main reasons I believe many are ashamed of their African roots and glorify European culture is the racist Eurocentric view of Africa and the world.Historically the narrative of Africa has been told through the eyes of racist,who did everything they could to portray Africa as dirty uncivilized backward evil hostile ugly so as to keep Black people from the West from ever going there.Africa is a part of Europe or atleast the Safari Africa is.In this blog I will explain the difference between African civilization and the African Safari.Many well meaning Afrocentrist have a Safari like view of Africa not as bad as the White man buy it comes off as condescending and offensive coming from another Black human being.

The Safarization of Africa by Black America started in the late 60's.While it is well known about Europeans going to Africa for their big hunt and adventure.Racist images of Whites conquering the African bush slaying man and beast is well known in popular culture.The Safari means the wildlife the land and people are for the viewing and pleasure of European visitors who are treated with royalty by all too happy natives who delight in the presence of someone from the strange and distant modern world.This mentality is having negative impacts on the self esteem of many local communities such as in Kenya.Nobody wants to be considered a Safari Bush African.These nuances are things African Americans do not have to worry about but must be mindful of.No human being wants his privacy invaded.No human being wants to be the subject of exploitation and condescention.The myth of the happy Native tour guide is a farce.Desperation and poverty is what keeps this system in place.Black American go to places like Ghana Senegal for a different type of Safari.This is not a wildlife Safari.It is a Cultural Safari.People of African decent want to experience an Africa that is slowly dying out in place of a modern one.In 1967 a group of African American students went to Ghana on a trip.There was much confusion as the Africans asked if they really want to be African or serious about Africa they should stay here and learn the culture and language.The African Americans said we have just won civil rights in America and were looking forward to opportunities there.The Americans commented on modern Accra Ghana.Saying that they didn/t expect to see jeans mini skirts and wigs ect.And Africans dancing in nightclubs.It ruined their expectations of only seeing people in Dashikis kufis,dancing and playing drums.This enraged the Ghanaians saying that they were not here for the African American's amusement and pleasure,that they are real people who are just as modern as they were.

A popular Kenyan comedian did a skit where he decided to visit the wilds of Europe.He by pasted all of the modern cities in this country and went right for the outback.He observed wild animals rural White villages with their primitive dances rituals passed down from their ancestors.It was funny but most of the world ignores African moderity.And most Africans in the diaspora are not concerned with modernity in Africa.Our Safari is a romantic view of Africa that is not helping Africa but plays into our false sense of superiority and otherness we stench of.

African Civilization must be central.Any serious connection with Africa has to be done with the recognition that just as Europe has modern civilization so too does the Black race.A civilization tells its own story.It is its own master and sovereignty.I rarely see anyone talking about the great kingdoms of Africa.Its only the slave castles and slavery.Europeans ignore Africa civilization because it doesn't fit their narrative.Africa is all wildlife pygmies and Bushmen of the Kalahari.The Big Five animals,Wild Africa Big cities dont exist in the minds of Blacks and Whites only slave castles and wildlife

Afrikstan will be a modern state.Africa has plenty of places for so called tourist who want to experience their view of"Africa"The Afrikstan will be a place of culture,learning,enlightenment,business,peace and harmony.It will be Timbucktu,Gao,Athens,Rome,Cairo,Fez,Carthage,Vienna of  Africa.safariguide.jpghippo.jpgmali empire.jpgmali woman.jpg

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