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  • No we need to all consider reading this book.

    Here is the synopsis:

    As growth and development increase in Africa, investment in infrastructure projects could require the use of PPPs.

    This project preparation guide, developed with the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) and PPIAF, provides the foundation blocks for public sector engagement with the private sector. It assesses the relevant issues for selecting a PPP project, the requirements for preparing projects for the market, and the management process.

    and here is a short clip on PPP'S:

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      • that is great stuff. i have not finished the book as i have so much other stuff i have to read.  I hope this is the start of our collective knowledge base to share with each other

    • This is why I cringe at the notion of"nationalization"of private investments.

    • Our people will have a hard time understanding this.Many think infrastructure is free.When people ask how will we fund nation?We have said over and over if we had control over our tax generating potential and use the private sectors to fill in the gaps.

      • this is absolutely true.  PPP'S will be one of our main go to funding options, and we would need to develop plans and strategies to approach different private entities

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