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This is where we want to get a general consensus of who we are individually, where we come from, and also what experiences have we gone through. This will lead to us getting to know one another and lead to an environment where we are constantly bouncing ideas off one another.

So I will start off.......

I am Jonathan Hill. I currently reside in Tallahassee, Florida and a father of two beautiful twin daughters Gabrielle and Arielle and married to my beautiful wife Erica Hill. I was in the US Marines for five years and have experience in Business and currently at Florida State University obtaining a Master's Degree in Urban and regional planning. I will be graduating in the Spring of 2017 and will be working either in the private sector or in local government.  My long term goal is building a sustainable nation state on the continent of our ancestors for the descendants of the transatlantic slave trade ,

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    • Hello Shawn! I'm jealous right now man. I feel in love with Apple Valley while out there in a training exercise. I hope Africa is even more beautiful. See ya there!
  • My name is Dwayne Makala I am an insurance broker GA Level.I hope to build our insurance infrastructure with creative plans.Insurance,banking and real estate are the foundations of building a modern state.I am from New York City and State but currently reside in Virginia Beach Virginia.

    • I was stationed at Ft Story 02-03. Loved the place, hated the folks in command. Lbvs
      • I know all about fort story, norfolk, and va beach and Portsmouth. I was first stationed in camp Allen which is very close to the navy px and all that

  • My name is Nunadeh Wesseh. I was born in Liberia, West Africa. I am currently residing in Saint Louis, MO. I am a junior pursuing an Educational Studies Degree to be a school counselor. My expected graduation date is Spring of 2017. I did an internship with Emerson Electric as as assistant to an Accountant. 

    • That's great. We are going to need a bunch of Afrikan centered educators and your direction will be very valuable and crucial to our nation's success

    • Nice to meet you
  • My name is Tela Williams, 43, SBF, mother, and various other personal stats. Background mostly military in family traced back to the civil war with likeness of great great grandfather on statute in DC. No college stats to brag on. GED and mainly self taught in many areas. Assisted in the formation of several for and non-profit entities. Former BTR talk show host 07-10, Army veteran 01-03. Currently starting black business hub and online television network. Interested in learning & assisting with libraries, mass communications, architecture, various arts and agriculture.
    • thanks sister. it was nice to meet you and to hear you on the phone tongiht. I am so excited to be around the future founding mothers and fathers of our great nation

      • Thank you. I try to be a person of my word even in the little things. Looking forward to working.
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