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  • I have ideas myself to help evolve the infrastructure of Africa simply by becoming an architecture, to build houses in poverty lands! But I'm a university student so initially I would need to gain a degrer in order to become a black entrepreneur. Secondly, the intergral support I need is the unity of black well trained professionals working by my side, as help one another build Africa into a first world continent!
    • Well you came to the right place brother. I'm in school myself for urban planning and going to specialize in land use. Here on the site we can plan everything from the architecture to the infrastructure. Also if u have not already listen to the BAIO radio show on blogtalk radio and also all of the guys have their shows on their as well. They have clips of their shows on yt. Join the groups on here of your interest and let's blog. One day we will be having conferences. I am glad to have another person on this journey back to our promised land!
  • I have a homework assignment for anyone interested.Can they contact this brother and bring him to BAIO for a conference?

  • Taken from Emile's link on our chat
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