Good Evening BAIO family,

This Is your brother Jonathan Hill from Tallahassee, Florida. I just want to get an initial gauge for interest in having a meet and greet in Atlanta. I am thinking that this would suffice for the family that is in North and Central Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee as well as anyone wanting to make the trip.  

It is a pleasure to have so many sisters and brothers on the ning site and to finally find solace in knowing that there are actually other Afrikans in the diaspora that think like you in terms of comprehensive Nation building on the continent.

Land, Infrastructure, Nationhood is our mantra and ideology and this will be a great first initial step in developing that Nationhood.

Let me know in the reply if you would like to meet and greet. I can find a hotel/venue or whatever the family wants to do and I think August is a good month, but am open for whatever. 

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  •  Any ideas for the next meet up group in September?/Brother has a spot in  downtown Lithonia called the Blackspot,  next door to the vegan restaurant/black owned, I can check it out if you are interested.

     Good morning family! 


  • Sounds exciting .... I hope to see you all then.


  • Dynast Amir is going to Nigeria in August.I suggest it be planned so he can attend and maybe do a live broadcast 

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    • Greetings Sister.  It is great to know that there is interest already in this meet and greet.  I looked back at this and am thinking that it doesn't have to be a hotel or anything like that.  We could possibly have it a coffee shop, if we just want to meet and greet. If we decide that we should do a presentation of any sort than we could possibly goto a public library.  Do you live in Atlanta sister?

      • I don't think Starbucks would probably be the best choice either,lol!

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          • But they had the cultural sensitivity training, lol!

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