Lets Try This Black Agenda Plan

A car is a device that transports persons from Point/A to Point/B. If point B is Self Determination and Freedom, then an appropriate device should be used.

like a good car, which has many parts, all parts must work together as a unit.  A good Black Agenda should be that Car.


When there is a Black AGENDA, it will look like this ....

1) There are about 1,200 majority Black Zip codes in America. (meaning African/Americans are make up over 50% of the population)

2) There should be a community owned and operated factory in each of those majority Black zip codes.

3) There should be a community owned and operated Credit Union in each of those Majority Black Zip Codes. (adoption of a chosen crypto-currency should be initiated to end monetary dependency on others)

4) Land acquisition and development for housing, agriculture, and commercial development should be spearheaded from those majority Black Zip codes.

5) Black Education and Training Agenda should be integrated with the development agenda. Demand will dictate skills needed. With emphasis on Building and Construction Trades, Agriculture, Health, and "STEM". (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

6) Black community residents in Majority Black Zip Codes should be encouraged to devise ideas and action plans on how to improve their communities and what goods and services can and should be provided.

7) There should be community owned and operated Supermarkets in each of the Majority Black Zip Codes. Trading with each other and with the continent of Africa which will translate into REAL PAN-AFRICANISM.

8) Investment in this Black Agenda should be designed to be INCLUSIVE. A system should be designed so that persons with just $1.00 and a good idea can participate.

9) ** Health and Wellness, and Security should never be ignored when engaging in responsible community 
development strategies. A network of Community Clinics in a minimum of 1000 zip codes offers tremendous potential as it relates providing information to network participants on the latest trends in healthcare and improving health and wellness. The potential also exists to create and independent health insurance cooperative if enough people can be inspired to participate.




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  • usliftingus.com ..... This "machinery" is already in place.. Please check out the website. You have some great ideas also! Working together works!   usliftingus.com 

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      • IFA SANGO.   not troll or robot! .... lol


      • No IFA SANGO ... Is real name ... not a robot


  • Im all down for the cause in Africa, but I do believe we need to build here simultaneously. Not after we build Africa. Is these ideas similar to worker co-ops? 


  • Great idea but there is one problem.Whites strategically controll every zip code we live in.They make sure to keep jobs and investment opportunities out of large Black areas.This why we suggest your idea should be done in a host African nation as a model and duplicated in America.We need industry trade finance education.We tried with the Soul City project in North Carolina but Whites sabotaged it 

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    • true, especailly if you want to  control high branches of goverment and /or corperations.many  in the past have tried this many timees and failed. Maybe in 10 or more years after white supremacy has destroyed itsself .



  • how long you think it will take before this begins to take place?

    • It can happen tomorrow .... Plan is straightforward ... 

      *Pic agenda items you want done in your zip code

      *Offer Up Your zip code.

      *Pledge a dollar. ( Be prepared to honor that pledge at a future date)

      *Mobilize others in that particular zip code to do the same.

      *Implement Agenda Item.

      THE OBJECTIVE IS TO GET THE MASSES TO THINK LIKE A DEVELOPER.   To oftern we invite developers into our communities and let them

      set the agenda.   This is a primary economic development procedure that MUST change.  Development from the bottom up.



      • Who or what entity will be responsible for paying the taxes due the government each fiscal year?

      • Who or what entity will be the owner of said development once it is completed?

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