LIN = End Game Keeping your eyes on the Prize

African Americans have always pondered nationhood.Since the first Africans were Westernized in the New World, many thought of returning to the native land to civilize it and end slavery and fighting White Supremacy.Unfortunately this ideology has never had the full support of the chosen by White Establishment Black leaders.Most educated Black people historically believed in race mixing as a solution to racism and violence.America was clearly established as a safe haven for White men.In 2015 in of Alabama,the same state where the Selma massacre took place,voter suppression is still going on.The Keep Your Eyes on the Prize of integration and assimilation is fading everyday.

The new prize is a nation of our own on our ancestral homeland.We at BAIO are the vanguards of the rebirth of the Back to Africa movement.This movement has been misrepresented by enemies of our liberation.The enemies arrest all of the advances of modern civilization and put the image of Africa as a jungle,uncivilized,backward,and the people who want to go to Africa are giving up on civilization.It was just the opposite as most Back to Africa people before the 1960's were Black missionaries and pioneers.They wanted to modernize the continent with new cities and infrastructure.They wanted to educate the natives and end colonialism and slavery.

New jewel from the Kalagenesis.Anyone can use it after me...........Short or immediate game is getting our skills,opening businesses,education,fighting racism,ect.Long or end game is nationhood.....Iti is like a finger pointing away to the moon,.........the moon meaning nationhood.......dont concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that Heavenly glory.............Kalagenesis

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