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Oftentimes detractors will use Asian Americans (Chinese in particular) as evidence enclaves of color are sustainable in America, thus evidence a socioeconomic apparatus in Africa is unnecessary. In reality, Chinatowns across the country are being gentrified and Asian Americans are really just glorified workers—rarely in leadership positions and vulnerable to discrimination—who happened to—virtue of many being immigrants and first generation citizens—maintain an emphasis on education (unlike American culture) and inadvertently benefit from stereotypes.


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African Governance Report IV


This report explores the dynamics and effects of corruption in Africa, and how conventional reporting can be inadequate. Such inadequacies include naming and shaming of countries, that offer no solutions; the focus on African governments rather than including multinational corporations that benefit from and exacerbate their inefficiencies; and the vagaries of the meaning of corruption—and the role of biased sampling and cultural differences—though I believe a more general definition of corruption can apply: behavior that impedes the function of one's position. Corrective approaches can be summarized as increased transparency and accountability, civic education, and inclusive participation of its citizenry—the last of which can ward against the development of an underclass and the many subsequent tensions that are all too familiar [my input].

Any input on things I missed—or further input—are welcomed.

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