Melanated Entity Inc and possible fund raising idea

Greetings family,

I've been really busy lately and have some things to share. I have several businesses that I operate, but I'm REALLY proud of my latest venture! It's lovingly called MELANATED ENTITY, Inc. It is a boutique of sorts selling t-shirts, hats, bags, shoes, jewlery, crystals, books, dvds, music, herbal supplements, incense, soaps, and anything else that promotes a healthy positive melanated lifestyle. The space that I looked at today has ample room for meetings, lectures, and other functions. About 2800 sq ft. I'm still working on the website, but found a way to sell some items without stocking them.Melanated Entity

Here is the logo

While setting this up, I realized that it could be a way to raise money for BAIO since there is no upfront costs involved. But a bank account and EIN or SSN is necessary for set up. So it would be best to do it AFTER the EIN and bank account has been established. 

Please visit the site and place an order, it would help me out a lot! 

Peace & Infinite Blessings,

Tela "Lady SOULdja" Williams

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  • Good stuff Tela, I am excited.  Please let us know what we could do to help out in the process.  This is definitely a no brainer as far as raising some funds, it would probably be great if we created some flyers or  something to go along with that.  Maybe that survey would be good

  • Sounds very promising please lets have a conference call next week and you can give us the details Thank you sister

    • I didn't get an update as to what the conference call time and number was. 

This reply was deleted.