Monetary And Power Generation Options

Good day brothers and sisters - the following is information I wanted to share with our people regarding alternative monetary and power generation options for the reptriation effort. Blockchain and crypto currency may be an option to be explored as a means of completing transactions between parties. Some of you may be aware that Akon is in the process of in creating his own crypto currency called "Akoin" . According to the information contained in the linked article below he is in the final stages of his ICO(initial coin offering). The idea is to implement and use this coin as a means of transaction on the African content. You can read more and get additional information here:


Second - you may also be aware of Akon's initiative to provide alternative means of powering areas in African using solar. This initiative has been going on for a while and appears to be successful. You can read more about this effort here:


A suggested idea may be to partner with him in the repatriation effort by expanding on these efforts to meet the goal of repatriation and nation hood.



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  • Yes - I thought this might be helpful to the effort - I'm still looking into Akon's ICO to see where he is in the process - I saw in the techology group there was some interest in blockchain - blockchain is a technology that could be used for more than just financial transactions - as I find out more I'll post additional information

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