Our own holidays

This is something I wanted to share the other day and something for us to ponder.

The 11th of November, The United States celebrated Veterans Day. My wife wanted to take the girls out to the parade so I supported them and sat there as school bands mpassed, local ROTCs drilled by and people were dancing in the streets. Where I was at they even had people dressed in old confederrate uniforms commemorating those assholes. There were even quite a few whites who held confederrate flags. As I sat there I was thinking what will be our memorials, our holidays, our customs and events of Afrikstan. I personally look at my time in the Marine Corps as a good learn experience. I can at least take that knowledge and understand the depths of how we would have to train our men and women for combat.......if it ever would come to that. I honestly don't know how I felt when people were given my two little girls American flags to wave. Yes, America is where I live now and I don't say I completely detest everything American but I have already divorced from America in spirit and in my heart. I now have too much knowledge and to much insight on what America has done......on what America and the West is. I honestly don't even care about that anymore.....I just want the descendants of the transatlantic slave trade to have a nation of their own. Something to fight for something to live for and something to be a part of.  As said before OUR true Veterans have come and died fo r a cause that is not yet complete. I want to finish that. I want our Afrikan centered people in our new nation to move on, but never forget what was done to us here. I wanted tonpose the question to you all....on what are some of the holidays that we will be celebrating. I know we have the period of Kwanzaa and all of that but I was thinking since we are starting a new nation and we are having a fresh plate that why cant we incorporate collective memories to memorialize those that have fallen here. I was definitely thinking of Garvey,Malcolm, Khalid, and Dr. Amos on this day.

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  • Holidays,place names,landmarks,ceremonies,heroes,saints are all the hallmarks of a sovereign people.Liberia had their heroes they celebrated from their history.Their founding fathers were given holidays.Matilda Newport was an African American pioneer who fired a cannon and saved the first colony from natives.She had a holiday up until the 1970's when it was abolished because it made Native Liberians angry.

    • No doubt I believe that our people of Afrikstan will form their own heroes and landmarks indigenous to Afrikstan. I do feel, however that we should think about setting something up to commemorate the Edward Wilmont Blyden's, Dr. John Henrik Clarke's, and to a revamp of a Dr. King day from an Afrikan centered perspective.

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    • Yeah definitely. I think that future generations down the line should know our story and everything we went through for over 400 years

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