Straight out of a Minstrel Show

As an African American my history is hidden from the world.My past history in Africa and the many great things my people accomplished in America.I will never see a movie on Marcus Garvey,Mansa Musa.But I will see dozens of movies on Spartacus,Julius Ceasar,Marco Polo,Lincoln ect.I will see a movie about some rap group from Compton but never a movie about the Exodus of 1878 aboard the Bark Azor ship.But I will see a slave movie.

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  • You know what?
    You're right. Absolutely right, as a matter of fact.
    To be honest, no one cares nor will pursue the vision we have for these types of movies or documentaries until we do it ourselves.
    Sometimes, we have to challenge ourselves, to bring out the best in us.
    So, with that being said, why not make these movies ourselves and do what we expect others to do for us?

    Turning an obstacle into an opportunity is indeed a challenge. But!...when you think about it, we have writers, artists, actors, actresses, videographers, cinematographers, producers, scriptwriters, graphic artists, editors, historians, research specialists, hair and make-up artists, musicians, set designers, illustrators, costume designers, production engineers, sound engineers, animators, special effects engineers, reference materials...virtually all of the creative talents needed to produce these types of movies.

    Djimon Hounsou as Marcus Garvey?...It's possible. Idris Elba as Mansa Musa? Funny, but he has a striking resemblance. Isaiah Washington? Danny Glover? Denzel Washington? Lance Gross? Omar Epps? Don Cheadle? Malik Yoba? Jason George? Richard Jones? Delroy Lindo?

    Not to mention the business-artistic-educational opportunities that can be created. These enterprises could also perhaps generate a renewed interest in African History, both here and internationally.

    So, let's challenge ourselves. By August 21, 2016, we should have, at the very least, an initial script from which to work. The script could be just four parts:

    (1) a brief historical review of the Mali Empire;

    (2) the early life and highlights of Mansa Musa;

    (3) the collapse of the Mali Empire and its effects on life in modern West Africa.

    I'm certain that something will come out of these efforts. I'll do my part by doing research for illustrations now.

    Keep the faith, Brother! 

    • I want my next novel to be on the Mali Empire.But since a movie about some clowns with Jeri Curls from the 1980's is a box office smash and other films dealing with important black issues and history cant get one dime,it is hopeless.I am tired of America.Let them have NWA,THUG RAP and all of these modern sambos.

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