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  • With sincere respect to the forum I would like to offer my POV to this important subject. I believe that before we embark upon the exercise of defining what we shall be called it is imperative that we define our culture and what it is/should be about - and we need to develop the infrastructure to support and define who we are to the world. If we do not engage this process correctly, we risk being/becoming marginalized and fragmented. A nation is only a nation through the connection and association that the people have to it's culture. We also have to define ourselves through the spiritual connection that was willed to us through the estate of blood, knowledge and wisdom passed down to us from our esteemed ancestors. I look forward to your comments....

    • check out this video on the topic.we believe there is nothing wrong with our people.we believe it is our situation in america.we believe creating the foundation and leadership so our people can have guidance.

    • Also my good brother,culture is defined by what you are and what you do.We believe the culture will happen once we begin building on our own land.In America we live in captivity.So our culture is one of oppression.Restriction,self hate,self doubt,mediocrity.When you are free,you culture will reflect it and build and evolve on a higher level.Look at all Black groups now.Everyone of them is disfunctional.There are no groups that the masses follow or are effective.Land Infrastructure Nationhood is the unifying message that will free our people.

    • Yes I agree.But the links to our motherland were broken though no fault of our own.That being said,we have to plant new roots and begin to cultivate ourselves into a new people,taking the best of Africa,and the good things about our 400 year sojourning in the Diaspora.Afrikan,Brazilians,Cubans,Haitians,American,ect all have much to contribute to a new nation.

    • Agreed, there is a lot of goals we need to accomplish before the naming of our people has been solidified. The acquisition of land, the survey in of itz and the development. The building of soft and hard infrastructure,etc.

  • Afrikstani. To me, it creates a cultural and phonetic connection to the proposed 55th nation of Africa. 

    • Yes indeed. This is something truly remarkable we are embarking on

  • Exactly. Anyone who truly walks in the fulfillment of Malcoms dream or the dream of our enslaved ancestors would seek NATIONHOOD. Collectively we are sidetracked. I was watching a PBS documentary on Touissaint L'overture and the brilliance of that man is inspiring. The slaves who worked those sugar plantations were determined for true freedom

  • I like Afrikstani or Afrikstanese.We must assume the name as soon as we touch ground,even before we build anything.Revolutions happen in jest,ideas,thoughts,conundrums,fables ect.Then they grow into a manifestation of a collective will and desire.As for me,I plan to be in Angola next year marking land and naming territory.I will refer to myself as an Afrikstani not African American

    • I need to figure out how I can make this work. I really want to go

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