The Strategy of Avoidance.Black Separatism

The strategy of avoidance ........ Many Pseudo Black Nationalist are masters of the art of the avoidance.Their ideology is inline with the White supremacist ideology because they through their Black supremacy, absent, land, infrastructure and a power base is perpetuating Black submission to White  domination.It often appears as black "black Power" .But is posses no threat to the White system.The biggest compromise by the so called black separatist avoidist, interracial marriage.While is making the cl aim that the reason they are against interracial marriage is the Black Family.And that is what gives them legitimacy.But careful observation by me and  my research  that I have done,  has revealed that the main reason for opposition to interracial marriage, was the fear of the White man, and the belief in White purity and White female chastity.I am no fan of interracial marriage, but I question the Black separatist motives of preserving the so called Black family when there is 70% Black out of wedlock birth.Black marriage is failing.Black women have the highest abortion rate and HIV rate.Black separatist want a little space inside the White man's country that he claims it is his.But he looks around and he is more poor, powerless, isolated in his so called community, while Asians, Arabs, Whites ect suck the revenue out infront of him.Truth is the Black Nationalist is a coward.He tried to be a good Negro to the White man and he is still lost, as his own community rejects him

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