Israel is a Jewish state.The world Jewish diaspora supports the state of Israel.I ask why isn't there one state,that protects and gives sanctuary to those Africans in the diaspora?We at the Black African Infrastructure Organization believe that,those of us who are victims of the horrible Atlantic slave trade should have a homeland in the land of our ancestors.No amount of assimilation is going to change the low status of the African America or any Black group suffering in the diaspora,until one state is created as a base of operations for them.Right now most African states are artificially created around Western holdings and interest.These interest impede and stifle Black Afrikan Unity.

Pan Africanism is the natural culture that came out of slavery and oppression among people living outside of Africa.In other words to the Africans in the West,it is commonly agreed to that Black is Black.An Afrikstan while giving special consideration to the landless ex slaves,will still offer refuge to any Black African bringing talent,skills,knowledge,investment and goodwill.Such ideology will be written into the constitution as a CORE VALUE.

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  • Thinking and dreaming...outside the box is crucial. Thank you for being a thinking (And doing) Black man.
    • Thank you so much sister.

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