Dyllann Roof has many supporters in his corner.In just two weeks a million dollars was raised for his defense.The President of the US chimed in at the funeral of the 9 victims of the massacre.Reverend Al Sharpton was initially told to stay out of Charleston SC.But the most interesting thing coming out of this massacre at the AME Church was not the protest,nor was it the fact that this murderer was given Burger King when taken into custody,it was not the sympathetic judge who was removed from the case,the one that called Dylann's family victims.It was not even the support from the racist around the country for this boy.The most shocking thing was the immediate downplaying the tragedy as a race induced call to arms.Forget Ferguson,and other places,this should have been the line in the sand.

But guess what?The skillful media and these Black sycophants posing as leaders intercepted the righteous Black rage and anger and arrested it and gave a line of credit and parole to the criminal justice system.In other words they used our Christian ways to pacify us and surrender our anger and wanting justice to them.What we have in Black America is a continuation of slavery.Four Marines were killed in Tennessee last month and I did not see the forgiving White Christians coming out.Not did I see any talk about forgiveness for the Boston Bomber.It is only forgiveness in the sick Black White Conundrum called the New South.

This week the prosecution,in an historic moment ignored the slave sick mentality of the Black community calling and begging to spare that Blond haired boys life and will seek the Death Penalty.This is ground breaking.Black leaders and churches have shown that they are uncivilized and incapable of making intelligent decisions to protect themselves and the Black community.It think just like in Portsmouth Va where a Police Officer was indicted on First Degree Murder charges in the killing of a Black youth,I think people in the Law enforcement community believe Black people wont cooperate with the quest for justice,so justice has to do it for them.

Dylann Roof deserves to die.The nine victims were not even cold in the ground before the slavemaster loving Negroes were forgiving,and saying Dylann wont make them hate and they forgive him.It seems many cherry pick scriptures in the Bible to justify their coonery,slave mentality and ignorance.People like this both Black and White will tell you that"WE ARE NOT GOING TO LET SOME KILLER RUIN OUR COMMUNITY"I will ask,"Just what are you trying to protect with White people?"A facade and farce of a racial harmony community?This is what writer Richard Wright referred to when he called Black America"Sick"

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