When  people,activist,organizations politicians get together to put forth a plan for the people the mus use LARP.Larp is an acronym that can stop misguided emotional plans in their tracks.The four elements of LARP are Logical Achievable Reasonable  and Practical.Any good strategist and tactician willl examine completely each element of LARP.Now before LARP can applied the people who do it must be qualified and educated in things like Logic,reason,probability,math,calculus,ect Too Many people organize on emotion with no clear LARP so their endgame is very vague and abstract.

THE REPARATIONS MOVEMENT IS THE EPITOMY OF ANTI LARP....I have always stated that the cut the check reparations movement was a farce.It lacked logic reason and was never achievable.It was based on emotion and nothing else.It became an excuse to attack other Black people who were pragmatic and rationable.If you ask most reparations ethusiast to give you a LARP on reparations all you will hear is deflections.They actually think the same US government that legalized slavery is going to admit liablity.They will use Israel as an example leaving out the fact that Germany unlike America was a defeated State and gave reparations only by force and cease fire treaty.Is there an equivilent in dealing with Black Americans who are US citizens with no international treaty and state such as the Jews have?Using LARP will help you make the right choices.........to be continued 


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