Independent Nation State

Good evening. I wanted to know how far along are we with establishing an Independent Nation State.

Do we have a road map to get there?  Are there plans on making it happen?

What are the steps being taken?

Is there a Brainstorming forum?

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  • there's a google hangout tonite, send me your email... at

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    • Oh.. I'll have to see if there's discussions that's geared and leading towards a similar vision as mine, before I commit the time to a local chapter.   I've already made up my mind that I would love to live a portion of the time in an African Nation..  

      I'll be happy be collaborate and share ideas and if there's a connection and we have the numbers, I would take the first step


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        • I just joined this forum yesterday and I'm trying to find out what this organization's plans are before I commit to joining...  That's all I'm saing... 

  • Peace bro. Unfortunately there isn't a specific brainstorming forum. You are welcome to start one though. It could even be within this post/discussion. Some of the admins used to have weekly google hangouts where they would discuss various topics related to nationhood but that seems to have fallen by the waist side. Some people are planning to go to Rwanda in a few months and there may be some developments that come after that trip but for now most people seem to be doing their own thing. Many of the gentlemen who started the organization are based in NY so all I can do is recommend that you join your local chapter and try to reach out to them directly. As for this site there was a post from a few years ago called "The Gameplan". You may get some useful information there. Here is a link to one of the last google hangouts if you are interested.

    • Oh ok I understand. 

      So it's basically a dead issue now and people are doing things on their own then?

      Well, my vision was to have an expatriate community of the African Diaspora..  Kind of like of an HOA community with Amenities that makes living there entertaining and worthwhile..



      I was thinking the first phase would consists of

      -Agreeing on Plans

      -All Initial Potential Costs involved to each individual and maintenance costs

      -How Remaining Funds would be raised



      Well, if there's discussions that's leading to that, I would def. welcome and take part in it.

      • You can call me or inbox me and I can point you to specific blogs that will give you much detail of plans we have been brainstorming for years.But you can work with local members to plan study group.We need that as the next step towards building an organization and then being in a position to build a nation 

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        • So they dont use this forum for communication?

      • A few things. I think one of the problems is that people join the site/organization and are looking for some sort of leadership and guidance but it doesn't work like that. There isn't anyone that is giving out specific marching orders. We can't even agree on whether we should have a network of sister cities or whether we should just focus on buying land in one specific country. Some people want to be entrepreneurs while others are just looking to retire amongst their own. Different people prefer different regions but most members haven't even been to the continent and travel there is super expensive. Most of the countries that have been batted around as potential relocation destinations are in West Africa (Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria) but others clearly have their eyes on East Africa (hints the Rwanda trip). Another issue is the actual land acquistion as some of these countries only let foreigners lease land rather than own it. I know for me its important to be able to have dual citizenship and it isn't offered in all countries. I think it would be important for us to be able to lobby foreign governments so more of them can start acting a little more like Ghana which actually incentivizes a return to homeland for slave descendants. Most of us have ideas but what we don't have is money. In addition, it will be a while before the admins will feel comfortable asking for donations which is understandable given that there isn't an accountability mechanism in place the prevent mishandling of funds. The issue isn't dead but sadly most members aren't very active, at least not in the ways you are inquiring about. Like I said, reach out to the people in your state chapter and start from there. New York has a lot of members. As for the discussions, I try to get on the site regularly so I'm here if you want to bounce ideas back and forth. I would even be down to join a conference call or google hangout. Just holla at me.

        • you are so right we are all brainstorming at this point 

        • Scott, I been researching our historical lineage as DOEA or ADOS. Why not create a federation or a quasi nation, and call ourselves ECOWAS. This way we can show west afrakan or AFuakan(old name) nations that we are seriously in helping their people out, providing tangibles for them. Creating ECOWAS for us as our name, will allow us to set up sister cities and a nation state for afrikstan or whatever name. I feel that the reason we don't have sister cities, is that our best people don't see us as a nation or a viable name to present to the world. Not only our new name of ECOWAS will help us internationally, it will helps us in domestic affairs.

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