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Jun 22
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Jun 20
kwalism commented on Adano Ali's blog post Sustainable Land Opportunity in Ghana
"Im looking to purchase land in ghana and Cote ivoire, build a welding center, and train future welders."
Jun 19
kwalism left a comment on THE SKILLED TRADES DOOZERS
"Anybody interested in bringing their welding skills to Afrakan states."
Jun 16
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"I tried your email, it didn't work. Would like to know if your group is using cashapp."
May 6
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"For us, stolen Afrikans,(Its a fact that we have been stolen, look up El Mina dungeons and Calabar), there were no such thing as Medicine for profit. Many Stolen afrikans as professionals have a regressive and greedy mindset when it comes to healthc…"
Apr 30
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"Thank you ms. Sandra for tuning in to a platform that would like to form their own republic and governance. Please share this platform to your circle, and share that their are blak people who wants to advocate for their own government."
Apr 26
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Apr 25
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"Welcome brotha Ewondo. Please feel free to update the Afrakan family in the blog posts about Zambian affairs, Bemba culture, and any education of Chinese attempts of anti afrakan imperialism."
Apr 25
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Many Afrakans globally identify with the faulty wordview of Islam and its culture. Yet they don't don't overstand the origins and the cultural beliefs with it. Islam is a false term derived from the kemetic/Sudaic term of sarem and the Abaantu term…
Apr 24
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Apr 24
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"Hello ms thompson, I am getting ready to be a new member in the North carolina chapter. I am looking to socialize and update us New Afrikans in the Amerikas."
Apr 22
kwalism replied to Kamal Imani's discussion  #AFA and #AfricansforAfrica.
"How do the next generation recruit the Afrikan youth to support Afrakan owned governance?"
Apr 22
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Apr 20
kwalism replied to Kamal Imani's discussion  #AFA and #AfricansforAfrica.
"Thank you for the Nationalist commraderie. Im all about family first. We as kamau people have had our legacies distotrted and stolen. Muhammed from MMU aha metu(igbo) and mu(water) hapi(ordered), and meht(cycle) from the Nile cultures. God is GA mea…"
Apr 20