Sustainable Land Opportunity in Ghana

Brotha's and Sista's i am a young brotha (27 yrs old) from MN who will be buying land in Techiman, Ghana this summer 2018. My goal is to move their within 5 years all while building a recreation & sport facility near my home in ghana. I have a B,S in Recreation and Sport Facility Management. I am also 4 months away from a M,A in Sport Administration which will then allow me to be an Athletic/Activities Director for a university or high school. My goal for Africa is to take my expertise, knowledge, skills, and ability and help build our Nation and our People!!! Youtube (Benu Village) its near Techiman, Ghana

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  • Have you purchased the land yet???

    • Im looking to purchase land in ghana and Cote ivoire, build a welding center, and train future welders.

  • I hope to see you over there Fam. 

    • Whats up brother, you are another person I will make it a point to link with when i get to Ghana.  I did not know that you were in the BAIO!!

      Maybe you can let some of the sisters and brothers within our group know more about the projects you are working on in Ghana.  I have been in the BAIO since 2015 and some brothers and sisters may not know the ins and outs of Ghana like people like you who have been boots on the ground.  I thought about this yesterday....and how I feel that the topic of Ghana being our host nation of the BAIO and Afrikstan should be something that is at least on the discussion table again.  I think some of us got bad wind of some of the bad news that had happened in the past and dont know the ins and outs. Our target nation is not something that has to be changed but we should CONSIDER ALL OF THE FACTS in everything.....and one fact, that I am finding as a Pan Afrikan Black Nationalist, is that there are already a lot of boots on the ground in Ghana right now.   My thing is always linking the dots.

      • I've only been on here for a month I think it is important to share information among all our people. Feel free to ask me anything you need clarification on.

        • thanks man. The picture is getting clearer and clearer for me personally as i talk to more people and watch more videos.  I just have to take my behind there.  I learned a lot from that one video you shared on yt.  There just are other brothers on here that may have apprehensions to Ghana as a plausible option due to a few incidents from the past.

  • Thats whats up Bryan.  I had reached out to Sister Nunet in Benu Village months and months ago and got no reply. My plan was to buy a quater of an acre and giver her a deposit for that and additional $1000 to start the foundation. I was planning on meeting her eventually and doing this whenever i was able to have enough to go on Bomani's tour.  

    I plan on going on Bomani's tour in Novemeber now, but i am afraid its all messed up now...because Bomani wont even go around Nunet anymore.  He had a hell of a trip a few weeks ago in which he fired everybody in his crew and he had already been tired of Nunet so that went down hill.   

    So for me, I am down to build with whenever and whomever, i just feel we need to find some way of connecting all the dots in terms of repat villages in Ghana bc we would be a lot stronger if we were all together.   Just my opinion.   

    Also we need to talk about how we are going to do our Afrikstan thing and replicate what is being done in Ghana in Angola or add on or implement some of the lessons learned.


    Thats good to hear about the Sports Management.....hopefully we can meet so I can show you some of my Soccer skills!

    • Brother, you dont have to follow Brother Bomani before you can visit Being Village... When do you want to visit??? Let me know please

    • Greetings Jonathan!,

      Basically, your posts sums up where my king and I are now. We put a deposit down on the May 2019 trip to Ghana based on the Benu village opportunities and a suggestion from a sista friend. I am concerned that we will not have the opportunity to see the land during this trip so I will have to reach out to sis Nunette on my own. I am interested in other places for a possible second home/land but really liked the Benu village opportunities . I am in Philly.  Peace 

      • Do you still want to purchase the land???

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