This is a grassroots movement to restore the historic relations between the African-American community in the United States and the Republic of Liberia. It is a relationship that was strained after the April 1980 coup of Samuel K. Doe and the murder of President William Tolbert. This group will focus on education, science, business, art, writing, faith and spiritual outreach. We welcome anyone regardless of race, color or creed. This group will focus on the positive relations between the Africans returning to Africa and the indigenous Africans displaced during the expansion of Americo- Liberian settlements. This group will be a resource to tap into the tremendous pool of available talent in the African-American community in helping the reconstruction of Liberia and Africa become a success. We welcome any businessperson looking to do business in Africa to strongly consider Liberia as a beachhead for your venture into the Africa Continent.This group also welcomes ideas on how we can expand sister city projects between Liberian counties and the cities here in the United States. We also want to reach out to missionaries of all faiths and backgrounds who are involved in Liberia to help the poor with books and supplies as well as perform volunteer work. Through the growing interest in Liberia and Africa by the African American community, the United States will gain investment opportunities, stronger partnerships and security to her national interests.

**A Word About Facebook Postings in AAAL:

While we greatly appreciate the contributions and enthusiasm generated by our members, we also ask that the content of postings to our page are related according to AAAL's Mission Statement as much as possible.

AAAL members' interests are various but mainly seek to focus upon building stronger relationships between Liberians and the international community in the areas of art, business, culture, education, science, writing and other professional areas, all of which lead to the common goal of reconstructing Liberia.

Therefore, we ask that you review the information in your postings beforehand to confirm its relevance to these areas.

Thank you and let's get to work.
Dwayne K Makala

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All rights reserved.

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