This group is dedicated to bringing the educational academic elite into the nationalist movement.This group will promote and highlight Pan African learning and education between students in Africa and America as well as recruiting alumni and faculty to help shape our educational system.We will also make it a point to recruit Black Fraternities and Sororities into BAIO.

The core values of the BAIO is excellence in education.We want a world class educational system.The task of nation building means that all of the academics of the world must be mastered and learned.We will not accept second best.We will set high standards in education and learning.The focus will be on the STEM fields,liberal arts,political science,art,music,poetry,theater,sociology,anthropology,biology,reading,language arts.

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  • 10 Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Invest Across Africa!
  • Greetings BAIO Family...

    Look forward to working with us all.
  • Willing to invest in vocational training?
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    • Invaluable gem of information Brother! Have you utilized these links? If so would you mind sharing the courses you've designed? One of my many obstacles in curriculum development is that I have no clue where to begin!
  • I'm a Special Ed teacher with degrees in Psychology and Counseling
    • Are you familiar with Nana Amos Wilson Sis?
  • Hi all! my background is in anthropology and biology and I want to pursue curriculum development of the social and natural sciences.
  • European knew how rich and powerful our african system were before then.ย 

    I also suggest we form a team of enthusiast, researchers, curriculum developers, activist, educators, financiers to develop and implement this systemย and integrate with modern system
  • African education practically prepared oneself to take proactive role in the society. Use of myths, proverbs and stories played a very important role. Inculcating the african education system i modern education would even make african exceptionally better than any other race.
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