Mission Statement: This government agency will assist with the reconnaissance, surveying, and procurement of land that will match our citizens demands for public use, agricultural development, industrialization, and residential and commercial development.


- Coincide with our municipal and/or federal government entities in providing local infrastructure services within given jurisdictions- from roads, transportation services, water, as well as soft infrastructure such as schooling and emergency services.

-Establish an organizational system that would would manage government property assets and properly deploy them for governmental objectives.

-Tailor a specific focus of land use for a particular location or province within Afrikstans borders that meet governmental needs.

-Ensure the publics health and welfare through the enforcement of adopted building,electrical,plumbing, gas and mechanical codes and a mandated Zoning Ordinance.

-Manage public land resources for a variety of uses such as animal grazing, recreation, energy development, and timber accumulation while preserving the cultural, historic, and natural identity of the resources in our jurisdiction.

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