Team Afrika is a Memphis-based Pan Afrikan organization based upon the principles of Gareyism:


  1. Black Afrikan Racial Identity
  2. Black Afrikan Racial Unity
  3. Independent Black Afrikan Political Power
  4. Independent Black Afrikan Economic Power
  5. Black Afrikan Image of God
  6. Independent Black Afrikan Nationhood in Afrika
  7. Aggressive Pursuit of Black Afrikan Sovereign Rights, Responsibilities and Redemption.
  8. No Interracial Relationships

Team Afrika was created after reading The Clash of Civilizations: Remaking of World Order by Samuel P. Huntington.  In this book, Huntington asserted there were seven(7) or eight(8) major civilizations shaping the world order: Sinic(Chinese), Japanese, Islamic, Orthodox(Russia), Western(Europe and the USA), Latin America and Black Afrika(possibly).  I personally took the word possibly as a threat to the Black Afrikan’s continued existence on the world stage.   At this moment in history, Black Afrikans are behind the curve in holding sovereign power.  So the entire and complete focus of Team Afrika is the establishment of an independent sovereign state for the descendants of Afrikans enslaved in America to support the efforts of continental Afrikans and provide them with an ally and support outside of the Afrikan continent.   The Team Afrika ideology is built  upon the principles contained within three books:

Marcus Garvey’s The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey


Chancellor Williams‘ The Destruction of Black Civilization


and Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power


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  • Pro European Foreign Mass Multimedia propaganda and the brainwashing and miseducation effect it has on Africans at home and abroad, as well as upon the geopolitics of the African Continent itself.
  • Greetings Family 🙏

    With all due respect, the Republic of Liberia was founded by African American repatriate Nationals and indigenous Africans, who mutually agreed to and did establish a Constitution which gives exclusive rights to citizenship and land ownership only to people of African descent irrespective of our place of birth. Thus, the Republic of Liberia became and remains home to the world's first 10 African American Presidents before Barrack Obama.
  • After reading the 8 commandments of the Team Afrika bio, I knew this was the right group for me. I couldn't agree more with the fundamental tenants of what Team Afrika stands for. And I am proud to be a part of this movement towards freedom, independence, reparations, unity and nationhood on the continent of Africa.
  • Anyone is planning on going to Africa in July or August please let me know. I would like to visit Nigeria , Lagos to be specific or Accra Ghana. Any of those two countries would be an honor since it would be my first trip to the mother land.
  • Hey Team, Check out this website. It's Vision and Goals Are Inline For Economic Freedom For Our People.
    ULU 10 Point Appeal
    Us Lifting Us is a global economic movement designed to change the paradigm of how we build relationships with members of the African diaspora.
  • Peace everyone! Glad to be on board. Looking forward to growing with you guys
  • Hello everyone. I'm in Denver, CO, but need to connect with other like minded people who seek to establish a new nation for our people. I care not for your religion or beliefs. If you are all about African nationhood, I want to work with you in any way possible.
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