Black Devil Negropean

The movement of Africans in the Diaspora repatriating to the African continent is a powerful move. Unfortunately we have. Black wicked white devils like this Unapologetic Negropean Sissy who love white devil porn stars. This piece of shit feels its ok to judge people who are building business in Africa frim America. This coward need to be shutdown. It is paid snitches like him who have destroyed the black power movement over the last 100 years. Join the energy to exposed this scamming piece of shit. If we do not stop this wicked black devil he will destroy our connection to Africa.

#Ovversight #BlackDevils #unapologeticnegropean #blackdevilnegropean

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  • This fool is in hiding.Like I said he was on a roll until you came along.These types are growing.They think we are a threat to the Becky Safari status quo.They want Whites to come to Africa even though studies have shown that whites spend their money with other Whites and businesses that are not African .

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