Africa's Youth cant waitThe Urgency of Now

8663228096?profile=RESIZE_400x8663230664?profile=RESIZE_584x8663231081?profile=RESIZE_710xThe BAIO is dedicated to continity.But this by no means implies that we will keep kicking the can down the road.The Urgency of Now!The other dayI admitted that my generation"X" failed because we didn't follow men like George Fraizer in the 90's who was all about group economics and Black Success.Instead we chose to listen to rappers preaching instant gratification materialism debauchery drugs crime ect.Today we are living with the fallout of the lost generation's offspring.Every major and small city where Black people reside crime murder is rising,so is violence against women.Across Africa anger among our youth is rising in places like Nigeria,Senegal,and the Central African Republic the youth completely destroyed the infrastructure.Why is this haappening?First thing we have to do is to look at who gains and benefits while the masses suffer.Oh yes its the puppet elites or overseers who gain our trust by looking like us,playing music like us curse the White man like us to gain our trust.This is a well structured institution called benign neglect and passification.The people in power and their lackies have no intention of letting go of their grip on the Black African Race.Asians,Arabs,Jews have all figured this out.But the Black man is still in denail about the reality of White Supremacy and its need for Black mediocrity foolishness to stay in power.We elect fools to lead us.We have NO 100 YEAR PLAN FOR AFRICA AND THE DIASPORA ITS ALL FUN AND GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!The BAIO IS SERIOUS ABOUT BUILDING A 100 YEAR PLAN NOW!

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  • So true

  • are the expert on Liberia. Many of us are familiar with the history. We can apply that history, avoid the mistakes, and establish a beachhead in Liberia.  It might well serve as the primary location for repatriation rather than Angola or elsewhere.  Begin with a BAIO compound with HQ and appartment/homes for tourists and potential investors.  Use the Boynani Tehymbi model.  Grow the compound with BAIO members...their children and their children's children.  Build the infrastructure that will motivate the continuity and sustainability of a growing compound.  Include the surrounding Liberian community and give them a stake in the success in the development and growth of the compound; one that could grow from compund to village to city to region to enclave to protectorate to nation.

  • Agreed!

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