Afrikstan.The Unifying Goal of the BAIO

The Black African Infrastructure Organization is a diverse body of individuals,that have come to a common conclusion of nationhood.This is what unifies us under this banner.We coined the term Afrikstan meaning a homeland in Africa for the descendants of the Maafa or Trans Atlantic Slave Holocaust.If anyone does not agree on this principle,they should not be part of the BAIO.This group is growing in influence and support.One day very soon we will launch our program.In the early stages we have to be careful about letting too much information out to the public.We have detractors that are trying to derail our efforts.We are looking for people with like mind.Everyone has a vision of what this nation should be like.And the exact location is being pondered.Nothing is concrete as of yet.This is going to take years of negotiations with our African brothers and sisters.We at BAIO believe that a nation or homeland on the continent is non negotiable.We will not be under the rule of former slave owners forever.We envision a modern first world nation/state.

My vision of an Afrikstan.....

My vision comes from my personal observation of our people and my value system.I believe in a democratic republic.I believe in strong families,communities,institutions,rule of law,pursuit of happiness,individual liberties.I believe in free and fair markets and that any investment,law,or policy must be for the overriding good of the people as well as the state.I believe only an educated people striving for oneness through a common heritage and common future will ensure continuity,and the future of the nation.To do this we have to know each other.Identifying as an African and acknowledging our ancestors and the blood that they lost is key to unifying a people.

My vision also sees a land where a person can pursue their dreams,but also has a patriotic duty to be law abiding,productive and hard working.I believe the state should create the policies that create opportunity for the people.And that officials and the state derive their authority and power from the people and their general welfare.We want people coming in the spirit of brotherhood not the spirit of divisiveness.This social network is a place where we can vet people and get to know one another.

An Afrikstan can be a city/state,enclave,state ect.The immediate governing must be from us in limited co governance with a host nation.This is done all over the world.The Afrikstan will give 200 million Africans in the West a presence on the world stage,as we are currently living under the domination of former slave masters.The Afrikstan will be a place where Pan African values will be written into law.A place where business,culture,entertainment,connections,between African Americans and Continental Africans can take place on equal terms...

What is your idea for an Afrikstan?What kind of nation do you envision?

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