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  • Very informative. I love the free trade zone, the municipal bonds, and the plan to grow our south region in agricultural. Where in the city will all of the wealthy and middle class African American, Afro Brazilian, Haitian, etc people live? When I went to Dubai there was so much construction. What I noticed that there was no poor people that were natives. There was no homelessness, however they had the Pakistani and African people doing the labor. Who will be a part of our labor class or will we bring that with us?

    • We have people in the United States who need laboring jobs.Our core vales are basic living wages and human dignity.I see young strong Black men in the unemployment lines.My theory is it is those Black working class skilled and semi skilled laborers that will determine the fate and success of BAIO.The Laymen's group.I will create one soon.We need to assist in creating and linking up with existing labor organizations once we have the green light from our friends in Angola.

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