LIN Land Infrastructure Nationhood

The Black Afrikan Infrastructure Group is based on a few core principles.The most important of them, or the foundation that,enables all others are three things.LIN........LAND INFRASTRUCTURE AND NATIONHOOD............Land is the main goal of BAIO.Without land we can never really be a real people.Without land your beliefs,religions,values,desires,ideologies are void.It is land that produces wealth.It is land that produces a people,culture,traditions,language,kinship.We must have a land of our own, on African soil.

Infrastructure.........this is the building of the land,its roads,borders,railways,ports airports,logistics,government,laws,systems of life,schools,media,health care,money,commerce,immigration laws,prisons.

Nationhood........the nation means the people.Nation defines who we are.Nation means a common origin,heritage,future.Self determination of a people.All people have a right to define themselves as a nation.We at BAIO declare that African Americans primarily and anyone of African descent in the diaspora being victims of the horrible Trans Atlantic Slave trade to be a nation in captivity.We proclaim our right to our own soil.

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