american exceptionalism (1)

American Exceptionalism?Myth or Reality

Is America exceptional?Well lets compare it to its historical rival in the Far East Japan.During the Meji Era in the mid 19th century,Japan became the first non white nation to industrialize and become a modern republic equal to the West.Japan in later years used war to expand its holdings in Asia.After Japan's defeat in WW2,Japan decided to use peaceful methods to expand in Asia.
Meantime the USA was consumed with a Cold War farce that caused proxy wars in Asia,Latin America,Africa.In the Western hemisphere an embargo on Cuba meant no development for 50 years.South of the US Mexico is in extreme poverty,so is Central America and the Caribbean.Where is the"exceptional"about America?
Now lets look at how Japan developed Asia over the last 60 years.In 1955 a conference in Indonesia called the Bandung Conference,which brought most of the third world together to discuss a plan of liberation.With Japan as the lead Asia is now the world economic hub.But look at the countries of Latin America under America's watch,Puerto Rico is falling into an abyss along with the whole hemisphere except Brazil.

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