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From the beginning when so called human rights groups found out that Nicki Minaj was to perform in Angola,they tried to pressure her to cancel the event.The controversy is not grounded in facts about President Jose Dos Santos and his family.Anyone who studies Africa knows that if something is not completely broken,do not try to fix it.Angola has the fastest growing economy in Africa and the highest per capita income in Africa after South Africa and EQ Guinea.Angola is still recovering from 30 years of civil war and yes there is corruption,nepotism and lack of transparency.But I have heard many Angolans interviewed about this and said on camera this has to stop.The question I ask is why were they not killed if Dos Santos is such a brutal dictator?The fingering of the Angolan regime comes from a group of radicals that are funded by outsiders who want to overthrow the government.The fact that they are getting due process and face treason charges does not matter.When it comes to Africa one is allowed to challenge the state,because it is okay in the eyes of the West.When has the West ever not supported any rebel group in Africa? With even among countries they admitted were improving?The case was just like Libya where Western nations opened relations with the Ghaddafi Government,only to not resist the opportunity to help rag tags overthrow his regime.I for one am not saying radical change is not needed in Angola,but when I look at the massive infrastructure going on.The skyline of Luanda, Why are the Young Turks calling Dos Santos a brutal dictator without real on the ground fact findings? the capital,new railways,power grid,sewers,all financed by oil monies.Not the World Bank or IMF.I had an Angola official tell me that the US refused them a loan before they knew Angola had oil.Now the US is playing catch up in competing with China and the BRIC nations in the sub region.

                                                           Why the controversy over Nicki Minaj?Well it comes because of envy and fear of Dos Santos,his beautiful Daughter Isabella Santos who has holdings in Angola oil,media,telecommunications,IT,manufacturing,Banking,real estate ect making her an billionaire and the richest Black woman in the world.Angola also loaned its former oppressor and colonizer Portugal 32 billion dollars and Angola has a 5 billion dollar Sovereign Wealth Fund.Angola businessmen are buying up prime real estate in Europe and the world.While there is poverty.These can be overcome through more interaction with African Americans and events like what Nicki Minaj did.It must be also noted that the poor journalism and slander inwhich they blasted this as a fetish for Nicki Minaj from the President of Angola to view her butt.This shows the whole goal was to smear the image of Dos Santos another Black man with power the world will not accept.The event was actually done and a concert hall sponsored by the country's largest cell phone company as an promotion something like Budweiser Concert fest here.There is not evidence that the president even saw the event.   Note in this video the number of so called "impoverished"youths with IPHONE 6'S

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