lekki freetrade zone faq (1)

BAIO Infrastructure???FAQ

There are a few things people ask me about what do we mean about an infrastructure.Well as brother Holipsism explained before.There are two types of infrastructure,neither do we have in America.Hard Infrastructure and soft Infrastructure.Hard Infrastructure is the foundation of sustainable living.Water system,electricity,roads,ports,airports,ect.Soft Infrastructure is your security,governance,hospitals,fire and rescue,traffic laws,courts,businesses,warehousing,logistics,construction,engineering,schools,universities,labor groups.

One of the main things when obtaining land will be having a free trade zone.That is the core of the hard infrastructure.From there our industrial base can be formed.All of our goods and services will be produced from this zone.Jobs and our tax base established.We can create a first world standard of living and infrastructure as well as create opportunity for our people who want to become entrepreneurs and industrialist.It will let us choose the right investors who want to bring their companies to our shores.

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