planning (2)

This is an online resource used by community planners to address issues by identifying & assessing them in their social context and implementing programs or policy changes to build healthier communities.

Here's a link to the Community Tool Box (check out the various toolkits they have in the menu tab):

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The Gameplan

I posted this in a group earlier but i don't think anyone saw it so I'm repeating it here. I feel it is necessary to draw up a list of necessary goals that must be completed with an up to date timeline. As well as our common goal at the moment I feel it's necessary because if we aren't all able to focus on one goal as a group we can't use numbers/manpower to move our agenda forward in a reasonable time. Especially if alot of us are all working on our own projects of what individually think is helpful. I think it was minister dawud(sry if I'm wrong) who was saying that the more things you have to focus on the less efficient you can do any of them. Im not saying we shouldn't all be doing whatever we think can to help but we should all always know what our next step is as a group and always have a next step. I apologize if there already is such a thing but I haven't found it.
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