stupidity (1)

Feel Good Stunts. Black Friday Boycott.

For the last five years I have witnessed nothing but stunts,media attention whoring,grandstanding,pontificating and a bunch of stuff that does nothing.Now someone came up with the bird brain idea to boycott Black Friday.First I heard it was because Black Friday has something to do with slavery,then I hear it about protesting racism.Now the same people will take to Twitter,Facebook,Youtube and make these people even richer by just posting their ramblings.I feel Christmas shopping is stupid personally.But I have notice something we have losers and crazy people actually using this so called boycott to even persecute and attack other Black people.If they do not want to join in your ill conceived cause they do not have to.You boycott one day?WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT GOING TO DO?I DARE ANYONE TO CHALLENGE ME ON THIS,I WILL DESTROY YOU.NOTE THE THREATENING MEMES.AND YOU WANT ME TO BELIEVE YOU LOVE SO CALLED BLACK FOLK?FUCK YOU

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