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Agenda for Africa.

It has taken many radio shows,many debates from myself and members of the BAIO over the past several years,but I am proud to say our persistent vision of Nationhood in Africa is finally taken root.The Country of Angola has now launched the African Gold Bullion Bank in partnership with the South Korean government and the Rosenthall Group(TRG).Mr partner Mr Rosenthall would like to thank the BAIO Radio and the Kala Nation radio for spreading his message around the world.The right people connected with him spite of language and cultural barriers because we made the case for African American involvement in Africa's future.The Bullion Bank will fund Africa infrastructural development as well as make it possible for African diaspora people to build and settle in Angola.This has the backing of the Angolan government and the President of Angola.The BAIO will be a major part in facilitating the connection between Angola and the African American/African Diaspora slave descendants.

Mr Rosenthall's vision was received around the continent and soon all of Africa will be under one economic power house.But it was Angola that I was firm about and pushed until the right people and the right stars lined up.So the African Gold Bullion bank will be a game changer and a paradigm shift in African geopolitics.

Dwayne Makala

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This was sent to us by our partner and friend Mr Robert Rosenthall of the Rosenthall Group.The South Korean government is partnering with him and the government of Angola to building the Gold Bullion bank and to use it to leverage infrastructure cost in Africa.........

Mr. Kala Genesis our powerful Korean Team is supporting you beyond Talk Our Korean partners below

Engineering , Procurement & Construction Partners : - Aecom Engineering - Hyundai Engineering & Construction - Daewoo Engineering & Construction - SK Company – POSCO - SAMSUNG Engineering - LG Corporation

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