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Greetings Brothers, Sisters, BAIO Community,

My name is Jeremy, I am a young father and husband, and I am freshly "woke", so to speak. Now that I have ambitions towards unifying black people, I find it perplexing that we entertain discussions like "should we stay or should we go?" - though these should be had - yet, even during these convos, we admit to one missing ingredient: unity.

Black unity, at this point in time, seems "unobtainable", but I do not believe this to be true. I want to know how can we "unify" our people, and then decide from there what the road to nationhood looks like? 

My personal opinion is that we need to bring about a mass consciousness in our loosely strewn black community. We need to educate everyone, from young to old, so that we ALL understand terms and concepts like "infrastructure". Make it so that we ALL have a clear image of what the United States has done to us, and how there is little to no refuge for our people. How we can bring change, nationhood, and prosperity to OUR people. 

We need to present the problem, and make ALL of our people aware that, "yes, there is a problem".

We need to form up in solidarity, and make sure we all know what the goal is and how we'll accomplish it.


We need to not discriminate against our fellow brother or sister regardless of religion, sexual preference, class, level of education, mixed, not mixed, criminal background, gang affiliation, etc.

Even those of our brothers and sisters who are not with any movement whatsoever - leave them be, do not turn your nose up at them, and do not judge them and their lifestyle. We have enough enemies, let's not war with our own people because some of us are sociologically subconscious. 


Once we have established unity, then we can set our sights on land to call our own. For, without this we surely can not identify with a nationhood. 

I personally don't see ANY destination without a military. That's up for discussion, but I don't hold a preference for "here" nor "there", because everywhere desirable has been claimed by some nation or the other, and they have a military to retain control of their land. 

As far as infrastructure, I have yet to have planned any that I think to be ideal. Nationhood? Well damn, that's a few milestones ahead. 

Right now, I'm sitting on my balcony, about to smoke one last cigarette before I go to bed, so consider this concluded. 

Til next random blog!

Jeremy E. Hosch White 

AKA Yung Chubbz 


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